Decorating Ideas for Couples on a Budget

You’re tired of paying rent in two places. And, hey, you spend all your time together anyway, so moving in together just makes good financial sense. If you and your partner are prepping to take the next big step in your relationship, there’s a lot to consider. Get ready to combine your time, your space, and, most importantly, your stuff! Make sure your place feels like home for both of you with these tips and ideas for decorating with your live-in partner and cohabitating in style.

1. Take stock of what you already own.

Whether one of you is moving into the other’s current home or you’re relocating to a place that’s new to both of you, don’t rush into buying new stuff. First, take inventory of the furnishings and appliances you already own, and identify the items you couldn’t bear to part with (and have your partner do the same with their stuff!).

If you have more furniture than you can fit in your new place, you and your partner may need to come up with some creative compromises here, especially if you have duplicate items (read more on this below!). No matter what, keep communication kind, honest, and open with your partner throughout the process of moving in together — you two have made it this far, and you’ll find a way to work out even the toughest of issues if you can stick together.

2. Consolidate your stuff before moving in together.

Both of you have your own set of stuff, and the chances are good that you’ll have duplicate appliances or pieces of furniture. Unless you live in a mansion, consolidation is vital for couples moving in together.

If you and your partner both have something that serves the same purpose — be it a couch or a hand mixer — compare both items side by side. Is one of your appliances in better condition or newer? Does one chair fit better in your space, and with the décor style you both prefer? Try to maintain a long-term mindset here. If you keep your 1980s blender, you may have to replace it in a few months. But if you keep your partner’s reasonably new one, you’ll have a functioning blender for several years to come.

3. Choose a color palette with your live-in partner!

Alright, you’ve decided what stays and what goes. You’ve taken loads of items to be donated or sold, and now it’s time to hone in on a decor style that works for both of you!

Once you know which furnishings you’re working with, visual inspiration can work wonders in helping you incorporate them into your home in a way that works. Start a shared Pinterest board that you can both add your favorite looks to, or find decorating ideas the old-fashioned way and tear pictures out of a magazine.

Take a look at your partner’s collection of photos, and have them look at yours. If you can each identify one or more elements of the other’s style that you love and would be willing to incorporate in your home, you’re well on your way to achieving cohabitating decor bliss!

Now that you have a better understanding of your partner’s interior design style, it’s time to choose your color palette. If you can, move all the furniture and large pieces you’re keeping into your home, and arrange them for maximum function and flow. Then, you and your live-in partner can choose each room’s paint color together. When you get furniture set in its place first, you can match or coordinate your color palette to the pieces in each room, rather than arbitrarily choosing paint colors first and having things clash later. Here’s a hint: you can use this same furniture-first approach to color-coordinate other elements of your space, like curtains and area rugs!

4. Furnish your first bedroom as a couple.

You may find that you and your live-in partner tend to spend time in different rooms in your home, and you can make those rooms into your personal cozy spaces over time. But what about the bedroom? That’s the one room you’ll share every day, and you want to make sure both of you can unwind and relax there. Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to be daunting, though! Start with the basics: a bed, night tables, and clothing storage.

When you’re choosing a bed size are a few things to consider:

  • The size of your bedroom. You want to have ample space (at least 2-3 feet) to walk around the bed. Small room? Smaller bed. Big room? California King!
  • Your and your partner’s heights. If you or your partner are tall, you may want to choose a larger bed so you’ll both be comfortable. No matter what size you prefer, you can find plenty of matching bedroom sets at CORT Furniture Outlet!
  • How much personal space you want. No, we’re not just talking about how much room you’ll have for snuggling (although that is important to consider)! If you’re a restless sleeper, a bigger bed could help your partner get better sleep (and vice versa).

If you still need help choosing a mattress size, head to CORT Furniture Outlet to try out different sizes until you find what feels right. Once you’ve chosen bed size, you can plan the rest of your room around it. And, with our affordable bedroom furniture sets, it’s easy to find your perfect match!

5. Fall in love with your new place!

You’ve built your relationship from the ground up. Now, it’s time to create a space where it can grow even more! When you and your partner are ready to shop for affordable furniture, visit your nearest CORT Furniture Outlet for the best deals on home furniture and décor. It’s the one place you and your boo can agree on the look AND the price!

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