On average, Americans spend 10 hours per day sitting, and this number increases to 15 hours per day for office workers. Not to mention,

There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed at the end of a long and strenuous day — unless you’re struggling to get relaxed. If you find yourself staring at your ceiling (or unlocking your phone) at night, it may be time to give your routine — and your space — a makeover. Use these eight tips to create a more relaxing bedroom for sleep. 

Doing laundry might not be one of your favorite pastimes, but doing laundry in a gorgeous laundry room can certainly make it more enjoyable!

Appealing entryways and perfectly composed living rooms… Why is it that certain spaces have that magazine look? And how can you achieve that at

Whether you're turning a bonus room into your personal oasis or carving out a tiny space in your living room or basement, cultivating a

End summer with something better than summer camp: a bedroom makeover! Not sure where to start? We have teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms,