You love your cat’s soft little paws and squishy toe beans, but you might not love how your cat can’t seem to help but sink their claws into your favorite couch. Cats love to scratch — that’s just a fact of life. While you can’t stop your kitty’s innate desire to scratch, you can make sure they only do it where they’re supposed to. Keep reading to learn why your cat might be scratching your furniture, tips for stopping it, and what to do with your claw-damaged pieces. 

It’s time to think about sustainability and home decor this Earth Month. After all, a home can be both eco-friendly and beautiful – without breaking the bank. Sustainable home design can work with any style, regardless of if you own or rent your home. Here are our favorite tips on making your home decor more sustainable.

The Surgeon General has stated that loneliness and isolation are an epidemic in the United States. Loneliness and lack of community can negatively impact our physical and mental health, which means making connections and forming friendships are more important than ever. But making friends as an adult can feel challenging. 


You don’t have to give up hope, though! Whether you just graduated college, recently moved to a new city, or simply want to expand your social circle, check out our nine tips for how to make friends in your 20s and beyond. 

Sustainability is often associated with major investments like electric vehicles and solar panels, leaving many eco-conscious millennials feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. However, sustainable shopping

We've all been there — up late, scrolling the internet, and smashing "autofill credit card info" on impulse buys without a second thought. Sometimes,

Embarking on a home remodel or renovation project can be exciting and challenging. Whether you're revamping your kitchen, renovating a bathroom, or transforming your