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Inevitably, the most popular trends of the past will eventually circle back and have another day in the sun. That’s why we’re not surprised that emo fashion and decor have come back.

If you survived the Myspace era, you might feel nostalgic for Warped Tour’s hot summer days and doodling on your shoes with Sharpie drawings. Or, you may just now be discovering it. Either way, welcome to the black parade: here’s how to make your room emo in 2024.

We’ve all seen the aesthetic home offices that fill TikTok. Cute organization systems, cohesive color schemes, quirky desk decor, twinkly lights – it’s a whole vibe. So, how do you take that cute office inspo and turn it into reality? With this guide, of course! We’ll cover everything from how to make your home office cozy and inviting (think rugs, personalized decor, plants, comfy chairs) to the specifics that tie it all together, like color schemes.