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It seems like the internet has a knack for tossing the word “-core” at the end of any noun and calling it an aesthetic. It can be hard to track all the different types of aesthetics, especially if you’re trying to keep your home decor timeless.


If you’re looking to refresh your home but want to ensure that your new look has staying power, these are our favorite up-to-date aesthetics with timeless elements.

Do you wish you could seat just a few more people in your tiny living room? We have some good news: it’s possible! With a little creative thinking and some clever seating options, you can have all the extra seating for a living room you need without sacrificing a functional flow for your small space.

Check out our comprehensive guide to learn what kind of furniture works best in a small space, how to create seating in small living rooms, and space-saving hacks to minimize crowding.

Inevitably, the most popular trends of the past will eventually circle back and have another day in the sun. That’s why we’re not surprised that emo fashion and decor have come back.

If you survived the Myspace era, you might feel nostalgic for Warped Tour’s hot summer days and doodling on your shoes with Sharpie drawings. Or, you may just now be discovering it. Either way, welcome to the black parade: here’s how to make your room emo in 2024.