How to Create a Bedroom That Grows With Your Kiddo

It’s an exciting process to lovingly create a nursery when you’re expecting a baby, outfitted with everything your tiny bundle of joy might need. However, when you’re transitioning your little one into their first post-crib “big kid” bedroom, you may be aiming for a bedroom with a bit more longevity. By choosing the right furniture and décor, you can set up a bedroom that will last from highchairs through high school. Here are a few tips and tricks for creating a bedroom that grows with your child. 

Choose Classic Furniture Pieces

Look for advice on how to design a toddler room and you’ll be inundated with cutesy ideas and inspiration for themes. While racecar beds and Mickey Mouse dressers are fun and good in a kids’ room, they certainly aren’t timeless. When you’re creating a toddler room that will evolve with your child, it’s essential that the furniture isn’t overly childish. Think full-sized dressers and beds with simple designs in neutral colors. Instead of a rocking chair that you can use for a year, why not a comfy armchair you can use for a decade? A good rule of thumb is that the more expensive a piece is, the more neutral it should be. That way, it can grow with your child and even be used in other rooms of the house down the road.

Customize with Affordable Accessories and Décor

The furniture in your child’s room should be simple and neutral, but the room certainly doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of kids bedroom ideas on a budget to transform your child’s room at each stage of their growth and development. Things like blankets, throw pillows, rugs, and wall art can completely transform the look of a room without breaking the bank every time your child’s tastes and preferences change. Swap the Paw Patrol rug for a sophisticated oriental rug and your child has aged five years instantly! 

Stick to Neutral Hues

You might have plenty of creative kids’ bedroom paint ideas, but a neutral color like white or gray will have lasting power. Lime green or pastel pink bedrooms are fun for a bit, but children go through favorite colors as fast as shoe sizes! Stick to a basic paint and add bold colors to your child’s room through things like posters, colorful felt garland, peel and stick wall decals, tapestries, and so on. Bedroom storage shelves can be decorated and re-decorated again and again for even more personality and color. Just like when choosing furniture, it’s important to choose a wall color that won’t quickly be outgrown.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

As you furnish your child’s room – even if it’s a minimalist style Montessori toddler room – it’s important to remember that they’ll have more stuff as they grow. Investing in multifunctional furniture with plenty of storage will ensure their bedroom has space for teddy bears, board books, Pull-Ups, electronics, textbooks, and sports uniforms. Bedroom storage furniture pieces like large bookshelves, beds with drawers underneath, full-size dressers, and full-size desks will guarantee your child doesn’t run out of space as they age. 

Important note: When setting up a child’s room it is critical that you anchor all heavy pieces of furniture to the wall and/or floor. According to Consumer Reports, 286 children were killed from furniture tip-over accidents between 2000 and 2019. You can purchase mounting hardware online or from most chain retailers selling baby supplies.

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