8 Halloween Party Theme Ideas for At-Home Celebrations

Maybe you’re the type of person who counts down the days until Halloween. Pumpkin spice lattes and candy corn are your love language!

Are you worried that Halloween will look a little different this year? Is trick or treating canceled in your neighborhood? Would you rather stay home this Halloween night? Do you want some fresh Halloween theme party ideas to change it up? You’re in luck! Get inspired with these creative Halloween theme party ideas, complete with indoor decorations and spooky snacks!

Creative Halloween-Themed Ideas for Decorations and Food

1. Murder Mystery

Nothing gets you in the spooky spirit like trying to solve a creepy cold case. Find free murder mystery games and scripts online, and serve food that plays into your script’s theme. Need some creative Halloween decorations to set the mood? Hang dollar store magnifying glasses from the ceiling with fishing line and use crime scene tape as decorative streamers. Masking tape can make a convincing “body” outline on the floor, too!

2. DIY Costume Party

Is trick or treating canceled this year? That can’t stop you and your family from dressing up! Host a household costume contest with a twist: everyone has to DIY their costume from things they find around the house. Don’t reveal your outfits until Halloween night, then have an informal contest to pick the best costume. The winner gets to choose what scary movie you’ll watch together!

3. Fondue and Fright Night

Is anything better than melty cheese on a chilly Halloween night? We think not. Make some crescent mummy dogs to dip in your cheese fondue. Dessert can be a classic chocolate fondue with graham crackers, marshmallows, and fruit, or you can add extra fall flair with apple slices and melted caramel fondue. Add in the “fright” piece with a few silly practical jokes on your family or housemates. Hide a skeleton in the shower, recruit a friend to dress up as a zombie, run around in the backyard, or keep it simple and make good use of some convincing fake spiders.

4. Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Break out of the typical orange and black when you celebrate the colorful traditions of Día de Los Muertos! This holiday has its origins in Latin American culture and centers around honoring those who have passed away. Make foods that nod to Latin American countries, like Mexican street corn or pumpkin tamales. Sugar skulls and brightly colored streamers make the perfect Halloween theme decorations for your Día de Los Muertos fiesta.

5. Scary Movie Marathon

If you’re looking for easy Halloween theme party ideas, this one couldn’t be simpler! Choose your favorite spooky movies, then whip up a batch of Witch’s Popcorn. Turn out the lights and get cozy on your comfy couch for the evening. No fancy outfits or indoor Halloween decoration ideas required!

6. Glow In the Dark Dance Party

Are you looking for low-budget Halloween theme party ideas? Host a glow-in-the-dark dance party! Shop online for low-cost necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories that glow in the dark. Then, get together with the kids and make a Halloween playlist that’s full of dance-friendly jams. Decorate the floor with a glow-in-the-dark tape design, and make your own blacklights with everyday household items. Get your groove — and your glow — on!

7. Dinner with a Vampire

If you’re itching to channel your cold-blooded inner villain, grab your cape and your fake fangs to host a vampire style dinner with your family! Decorate your dining room table with candelabras, spider webs, and fake blood. Feast on appropriately creepy food like eyeball pasta, Shirley Temples served in syringes and vampire teeth sandwiches for dessert. You’d better start practicing your evil laugh now!

8. Fall Decor Party

Spooky festivities aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay! If indoor Halloween decorations aren’t really your thing, focus on creating an inviting fall vibe instead. Bundle up and take a walk around your neighborhood, clipping leaves or branches to display in vases (always ask permission if you’re on someone else’s property!). Find pumpkins or dried corn at a local grocery store, or spend the evening creating DIY fall decorations for your home. Make a batch of chili in a slow cooker and dress up your house with décor you can keep out through Thanksgiving!

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