Top 8 Things You’re Forgetting to Clean Before Move-Out


As moving day approaches, you’ve got a million things on your mind: forward mail, finish packing, and transfer utilities. You’ve checked most of those boxes on your to-do list! One thing that may slip your mind is cleaning the nooks and crannies of your home. Sure, you vacuumed the never-ending piles of dog hair, but what about the small details?


If you’re renting, those small details can add up quickly to become damage charges and keep you from getting your security deposit back. If you’re selling, you may leave a massive headache for your buyers. Here are some of the top things you may forget to clean when you move out!


Home or Apartment Move Out Cleaning Checklist


1. Baseboards


If you don’t habitually examine your baseboards and molding, you might only clean them during your annual spring cleaning or before your parents visit. They can collect dust, dirt, and scuffs easily, so a quick wipe can make a big difference. Check behind big furniture like your sofa!


2. Light fixtures

You might have to stand on a chair and look at your light fixtures up close to realize just how dusty they are. A swipe with a fabric duster can solve that problem easily – just be sure to do it before you vacuum.


3. Vents


Air and heat vents are common things people forget to clean regularly and upon moving. Think about it: Your AC or heat pushes air through the ductwork and into your home. It goes through a filter but picks up dust and grime along the way. Your ventilation system is another part of your home that you can clean with a simple dusting.


4. Inside appliances, especially the fridge


Appliances are the sort of thing that you use constantly but probably don’t think about unless they break. When was the last time you cleaned the drip pans on your stove, wiped the crumbs out of the warming drawer of your oven, or took everything out of your refrigerator and wiped it down? 


While it may seem easy to take care of these while you pack, they can be surprisingly time-consuming depending on how frequently you clean them, so don’t save them for last. 


5. Blinds


Do you still have your duster out? Good! Your blinds are begging for attention. Wiping between every slat may seem tedious, but they’re prime suspects for collecting piles of dust.


6. Ceiling fans


Did we mention you’ll get your money’s worth on your little duster? Though you’ve probably never looked at the top of your ceiling fan blades, they tend to collect piles of dust and cobwebs. Take a moment to remember what dust is made of – dead skin, hair, pollen, and other stuff floating in the air – and you’ll be inspired to get rid of it ASAP!


7. Cabinets and drawers


This one will be easier when you’re mostly packed up, but don’t forget! The drawers and cabinets in your kitchen can collect grease and crumbs that you might overlook underneath your utensils and gadgets. Likewise, your bathroom cabinets and drawers may have hair, spills, and small odds and ends, such as hair ties stuck in the corners. Who knows what you could find!


8. Lightswitches and doorknobs


Lightswitches and doorknobs are two of the highest touch points of your home and can harbor all kinds of germs. Not to mention, they tend to get a film of oil and grime from your hands! Wipe and disinfect before you lock up for the last time.


Do You Have to Clean an Apartment Before Moving Out?


Your cleaning requirements can vary based on the terms of your lease or sale agreement and the expectations of the new occupants or your landlord. Communicating with the new occupants or your landlord is always a good practice to understand their expectations and ensure a smooth transition.


Remember that while extra cleaning won’t compensate for damage like a massive hole in the wall, it certainly doesn’t hurt!


Make your move-out clean as painless as possible!


Chip away a little at a time.


Don’t wait until moveout day to try to clean! Do what you can ahead of time because cleaning a petrified puddle of honey mustard out of the fridge is the last thing you’ll want to do on moving day. You’ll probably want to do a final sweep and vacuum once your large furniture, like your living room set, is loaded, but try to finish the detailed work beforehand.


Get the tools of the trade.


Practical cleaning tools can make the job much easier. A solid duster, bathroom cleaning supplies (including sponges and toilet cleaner), a disinfecting spray, microfiber cleaning cloths, and an all-purpose cleaning spray will get you a long way!


Split the work with someone else.


If you live with a roommate or significant other, divvy up the cleaning. You could split it by room or task – for example, you handle the bedroom or all the dusting, and they do the dining room and office or all the vacuuming.


Hire a cleaning service.


Maybe you’re moving on short notice. Or perhaps you live alone. Or, you just can’t handle a good deep cleaning right now. Hire a professional! While cleaning services aren’t cheap, it could be worth it if your home is in a particularly poor condition.


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