Get the Look for Less: Make a Cheap DIY Headboard

Switching up your bed transforms a bedroom instantly and is a great place to get started whether you’re doing a complete room makeover, decorating a new room, or your design tastes have changed. However, bed frames and headboards can be costly. Thankfully,  you can save a pretty penny by getting creative, rolling up your sleeves, and making or refinishing a headboard yourself! Use these cheap DIY headboard ideas to create the look you want at a fraction of the cost. 

Hang a curtain or tapestry.

Have a specific, narrow image of what a headboard is? Put it aside! While a headboard can be a furniture item, a headboard can be anything that serves as a focal point at the head of your bed. 

So think outside the box! You can find a beautiful tapestry or colorful curtain at a low price point. Suspend it above your bed, and you’ve instantly created a one-of-a-kind headboard. Not only can curtains or tapestries help you save space, but they’re inexpensive enough you can swap them out whenever you crave a change!  

Create a gallery wall above the head of your bed.

A gallery wall is another affordable,  eye-catching alternative to a traditional headboard. There are many ways to create a gallery wall above your bed. Consider hanging two or three large images side by side, like these bold framed frond prints, or mix, match, and scatter pictures and art prints of all different sizes.

Check out our blog 8 Quirky and Creative Ideas for Your Headboard for more imaginative options.

Use a decorative room divider in place of a headboard.

Propping up a room divider at the head of the bed is a brilliant and effortless way to create a unique headboard. An attention-grabbing divider like this Confetti Screen is more striking than a basic headboard. All you’ve got to do is slide it behind your bed, and voila! 

Add floating shelves above your bed.

Floating shelves are relatively inexpensive — and easy to install! Hang floating shelves above the head of your bed but leave plenty of room for clearance. Then, use an assortment of your favorite decor pieces, like faux greenery, vases, books, and even display a collection.

This DIY headboard option is excellent for two reasons: you can swap out the items on the floating shelves to instantly change the look of your room, and you’ve got storage space you can access while lying in bed. If you’re looking for a DIY headboard with storage, floating shelves are the way to go.

Upcycle your headboard by upholstering or painting it.

If your current headboard isn’t your cup of tea, consider giving it a lift. Crafting a DIY upholstered headboard may sound intimidating, but countless tutorials are available for beginners. Use paint or stain to add a contrasting splash of color, or choose a hue that best matches your existing furniture for a cohesive look. 

If you don’t currently have a headboard, you’ll be happy to know it’s not overly complicated to create a DIY upholstered headboard or a DIY fabric headboard with a few basic materials. You’ll need plywood, foam, and your chosen fabric, as well as tools like fabric scissors and an upholstery staple gun. Following a tutorial (like this one from HGTV) can take the guesswork out of your project.

Refinish a wood headboard.

You don’t need to buy an entirely new bed or bed frame to have something that looks brand new! If your headboard is wood, you can transform the surface by refinishing it. This process can be a bit tedious: you’ll need to strip the current paint or stain, sand it, and apply a new stain and sealer. However, you’ll be able to create the headboard of your dreams — and the result is well worth the effort.

Create a DIY farmhouse headboard with a barn door.

Designing a cozy farmhouse bedroom? Prop up a rustic barn door behind your bed to create the perfect headboard! Shop local antique shops and online marketplaces for an authentic and budget-friendly option. Or, purchase a cheap door, paint it, and sand it for that trademark weathered look. 

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