Eclectic Minimalism: Truly One-of-a-Kind Interior Design

Design experts anticipate that maximalism is on its way out and a new wave of minimalism is emerging. Eclectic minimalism bridges the gap between the spirit of both trends by emphasizing clean lines and stripped-back pieces while still making room for personality and unique touches through decor. Learn more about eclectic minimalism and how to achieve the look with this guide.


What is Eclectic Minimalism? 


Eclectic minimalism combines minimalism with an eclectic flair. This unique and modern approach to interior design combines elements from various styles and periods to create a visually interesting, functional, and uncluttered space. This style is characterized by a minimalist aesthetic and unique decor, meaning the overall design is relatively pared-back. Each piece of furniture and decor is generally minimalistic and carefully chosen. 


How to Achieve an Eclectic Minimalism Aesthetic


Start With a Neutral Base


To incorporate eclectic minimalism into your home, choose a neutral color palette for the walls, floors, and large furniture pieces. Starting with a “clean slate” will allow you to easily incorporate pops of color and texture through accent pieces — and allow you to swap out your style with ease. 



Add Variety With Texture and Pattern 


How do you create an eclectic-minimalism-inspired space? Start with a  mix of modern and vintage furniture, and add pops of flair with eclectic room decor, pattern, and texture. Start by selecting statement pieces you love — perhaps an accent chair or a piece of wall decor — and then work to create a true-to-you space by adding color and texture with throw pillows, rugs, and artwork. 

Feeling bold? Create a focal point with a large piece of wall art or wallpaper. Incorporate a mixture of organic and clean lines —think geometric shapes with furniture or minimalistic, organic abstracts on your walls. 


Mix and Match Furniture Styles


You don’t need to stick to one furniture or decor style with eclectic minimalism. There are no hard and fast rules: so mix and match different styles. For example, you could pair a mid-century modern sofa with a vintage coffee table, or a contemporary dining table with antique chairs. 


Focus on Function 


Functionality and simplicity are at the core of eclectic minimalism. When furnishing and decorating your space, remember that your furniture and decor should serve a specific purpose (whether truly functional or aesthetic). To achieve the look, you’ll need to cut back on excess. Don’t be afraid to donate or sell anything that is unnecessary or doesn’t serve a purpose. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll have a gorgeous space that’s uncluttered,  easy to maintain, and easy to navigate. 


Add Natural Touches 


Craving a touch of nature? Plants — real or not — are an excellent option for minimalistic eclectic decor and add color, texture, and interest to your space. Consider small potted plants for tabletops or a large palm to fill in that awkward corner. The end result? A calming and soothing atmosphere.


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