How to Organize and Furnish a Craft Room

You love getting crafty, but you don’t love having your craft supplies take over the dining room table. Isn’t it time you had a dedicated space for your creative endeavors? Whether you dig scrapbooking, screenprinting, sewing, or ceramics, here’s how to create a craft room that’ll keep your creative juices flowing — and your supplies always within reach. 

How to Create a Craft Room

Let’s start with the basics: where will your craft room (or craft station) be? Decide on a corner, a closet (more on that below), or a whole room that you’ll dedicate as a craft space, and measure the area, so you’ll know what will fit. 

Your craft space should serve, at a minimum, two purposes: give you a work surface and provide you with a place to organize and store supplies. 

DIY Craft Room Ideas: Set Up Your Work Surface

No matter what kind of crafty work you do, you need space to, well, work! Check out these ideas for work surfaces that will give you plenty of room to spread out and create your best pieces yet. 

DIY Drafting Table 

Are you into sketching or drawing? A drafting table could be just what you need. Since pre-made drafting tables can get expensive, why not make your own? Find a secondhand square or rectangular dining table, then use a melamine surface (or even a dry erase board) to make a surface that tilts. 

Use a hinge to attach a piece of wood to the back of your tilting surface (like a kickstand), then screw other wood scraps into the top of your table to make “stops” for the kickstand piece.

Functional Folding Table 

Maybe your craft room serves multiple purposes, and you need open floor space from time to time. The solution? A folding table. Use a sturdy, 5-foot folding table from CORT Furniture Outlet, and enjoy maximum work area when you need it — and maximum flexibility when you don’t.

Standing Desk 

Not one for sitting down while you work? Use a bar height table or a secondhand kitchen island as a standing desk! Keep a stool close by in case your feet need a break, and install casters on your table so you can wheel it around your craft room as required. 

How to Organize Craft Supplies

Sure, piling everything on top of your work surface is fine for a while, but when you’re ready to sit down and create, you need every inch of space! Keep your supplies organized and ready to use with these craft storage ideas. 

Ready-Made Craft Storage Ideas

You need to get organized — and fast. Choose a piece of furniture with built-in shelves, like a bookcase. Add baskets to keep your supplies separated into appropriate categories and create a tidy appearance. Rather hide your supplies behind closed doors? Choose a sturdy 2-door cabinet instead, and tuck everything out of sight when you need to clear your work surface. 

Craft Room Ideas: DIY Storage 

Your creations are as unique as you are, and your craft storage system should be one-of-a-kind too! Try one of these DIY craft room ideas when you need a customizable storage system. 

  • Pegboard: Economical, modular, and customizable — what’s not to love? 
  • Dowels: Use wall space to organize ribbon, giant spools of thread, or even rolls of craft paper.
  • Glass jars: Keep small items, like beads, buttons, or thumbtacks, separated by color or size. Plus, you can easily see when you’re running low on something. 
  • Clothespins: Wrap extra embroidery floss, leather cord, or ribbon around a clothespin, then store all your pins together in a jar for those times when you need a small scrap.
  • Filing cabinets: Use a filing cabinet in a traditional sense to file scrapbook paper, or fold fabric over the horizontal drawer rods to keep it neat and accessible. 

How to Organize Art Supplies in Small Space

Don’t have an entire room to dedicate to crafting? Use a closet! Maybe you’ve heard of turning a closet into an office (ahem, a “cloffice,” if you will), so who says you can’t do the same for a craft room? 

Measuring your space is all-too-important when converting a closet into a craft room. You’ll want a table that fits with plenty of space to close the door, and it’s wise to look for a compact chair or stool that can tuck underneath your table, too. 

As for storage, use a pegboard along the largest (or most accessible) wall to make the most of your craft closet space. Don’t forget about the back of the door! Hang baskets on the back of the door with adhesive hooks (or small cup hooks, as long as you’re not renting!) to store lightweight items. Or, use an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep your yarn stash, paint bottles, or wood scraps neatly corralled. 

How to Organize Crafting Supplies and Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Can you picture it? Your dream crafting space is closer than you think! Whether you have a small corner crafting nook or a whole room dedicated to artistic pursuits, CORT Furniture Outlet can help you make the most of your space. Discover the best storage, seating, and tabling solutions for your craft room at your nearest CORT Furniture Outlet. Drop by or browse online today!


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