Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for Redecorating Your Bedroom

A bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, a place of respite and relaxation. What better way to make it feel like home than with the right furniture, design, and decor to set the tone for the look and feel of the room? Read on to explore ideas for redecorating your bedroom.

1. Consider Your Space

As you get started with redecorating, first begin with a floorplan. Furniture needs to fit. Don’t choose a heavy, large bed for a small bedroom. And vice versa, if your room is big, add extra pieces like a sitting chair or ottoman to help fill the space.

2. Determine Your Style

In the mood for sleek lines or bold patterns? Regardless of the style you choose — whether minimalist, glam or farmhouse — don’t overcrowd the room with décor or large pieces, and make sure everything fits the same theme or aesthetic when you pick out your accessories.

3. Hide the Clutter

Work some storage options into your plan. To keep things serene, store things out of sight. Whether it’s a bench at the end of your bed that opens or a shoe rack in your closet, keep the clutter at bay to promote feelings of serenity.

4. Easy on the Color

When in doubt about color, go for a soothing shade. Monochromatic tones bring a sense of peace to your bedroom. When it comes to paint colors  and the overall color scheme for the entire room, remember this easy rule: gentle tones of blue, lavender, or green are known for being calm and serene. Rich jewel tones set the mood for cozy comfort.

5. Look Up

Don’t forget the ceiling, also known as the “fifth wall.” Consider painting it a softer shade as well, which visually lowers the ceiling and makes the space feel even more intimate. Add extra luxury with crown molding along the perimeter.

6. Less Is More

When redecorating your bedroom — or even your children’s rooms— keep it simple. Furnish the room with only the necessities; everything else will feel like clutter. Choose meaningful items to display, such as a beautiful piece of art, family photos, or candles. Interior design for kids is a bit more challenging, as they usually want more toys, more books, more everything. But, keeping things to a minimum in their special space helps in the long run, especially when it comes time for tidying up.

7. Don’t Forget the Little Luxuries

Add the finishing touches to your redecorating fun with beautiful fabrics. Indulge in high-quality linens, a rug to tie the room together, and sheets or a cashmere throw blanket to cozy up with.

8. Give the Windows Some Love

Dress up your windows with soft, sheer curtains that filter light or opaque blinds to keep morning light to a minimum and ensure nighttime privacy.

9. Make the Pillows Pop

If you’re nervous to redecorate your bedroom in a deeper shade, consider using those colors on throw pillows instead. Big and fluffy or small and frilly, pillows can bring your look together.

10. It’s All Yours

The secret to redecorating your bedroom is to make it what you want it to be. You spend a large portion of your life in this space, so it pays to get it right. Whether you follow current trends or forge a new look, your room is all yours.

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