Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Home Office Edition

All around the U.S., dads, stepdads, and father figures will be celebrating Father’s Day on June 20th, and we think they deserve more than a new tie or gadget when it comes to their special day. While pampering Mom on Mother’s Day seems obvious, taking care of dad is always a little harder. How do we thank the person in our life who can fix everything from leaky faucets to broken hearts, and so much more?

This year, it’s time to ditch that last-minute gift run in favor of something a little more personal. If the father figure in your life had to quickly adjust to working from home in 2020, this may be the year to help them upgrade their “office space.” Instead of watching Dad take morning Zoom calls from the kitchen table, here are a few tips to give your father a workspace of their own.

Home office ideas for Small Spaces 

Wanting to give your father a place to call “mine” but don’t have the square footage or budget to build something new? No sweat. While small spaces can present unique design challenges, they’re also an invitation to reimagine what’s possible within your existing layout.

Closest Office 

If you have a bedroom with a large walk-in closet, make Dad doubly happy by cleaning out some of the unused clothing and using the newly opened space as their office, or “cloffice.”

Dining Room Office 

Some homes and apartments come with a space for a dining room that’s used for everything but dining. Take this opportunity to turn it into Pop’s personal home office. A dining room is not only an excellent spot to set up a desk, but added shelving means family photos or a calendar of activities can be displayed as well. To create more room to spread out, consider incorporating an L-shaped desk from CORT Furniture Outlet. It can neatly tuck into a corner, maximizing your available space.

If the dining space is being used the way it’s intended, you can still ensure your father is working in comfort. Upgrade one of the end chairs in favor of an ergonomic office chair for Dad to use during the workday.

Living Room or Basement Office 

There’s been a long-standing rule that it’s best to devote up to 40% of your living room to a desk if you’re adding a spot for work. But let’s be honest: work gets done from small desktop spaces every day. Take a moment to consider the work that needs to be accomplished and how much space it’ll realistically use before bringing in bulky furniture. If you want to seamlessly blend your dedicated and stylish home office space into your living room, make it into a cozy nook.

Guest Bedroom Office

When was the last time Dad got a new, quality desk, office chair? Or even artwork that wasn’t made with macaroni shells? Transform his office into a space that screams, “Dad!” with a few upgrades that are not only separate from the rest of the home’s décor but beneficial for productivity throughout the workday.

It can’t be said enough that there’s power in investing in ergonomics, which supports overall comfort in a home office. A supportive chair won’t only reduce aches and pains, but it can also help increase focus. Experts agree the general height for a work surface should be around 29 inches above the floor while the chair should allow an individual to comfortably sit with their feet on the floor and knees/hips at a 90-degree angle. So when updating Dad’s space, we highly recommend

Outdoor Shed 

There’s been a rise in backyard office sheds over the last couple of years. If you already have a shed in your backyard and can make room in it, converting it to an office can be relatively simple.

If you don’t have a shed, or can’t clear out enough room for office space, buying a prefabricated office shed may be your best bet. It will save you the time and the hassle of doing it yourself. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful, well-built structure that adds value to your home.

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