Buy It For Now and Buy It For Life

“Buy it for life” products have taken the internet by storm, and furniture is no exception! Pieces that last are preferable to those that might break the bank and go bust in a few years. So, how can you find stylish, durable, and affordable furniture? Reading this article is step one, so keep reading to find out what to do next!

The Benefits of the Buy It for Life Movement

Continually replacing old furniture burns holes in your wallet, contributing to the growing garbage heaps in landfills worldwide. Plus, keeping track of microtrends can feel impossible when you’re also juggling your personal life, professional life, and more. The solution? Interior designers are revolutionizing how they curate furniture with a single guiding philosophy: “Buy it for Life.”

The “Buy it for Life” movement combines quality and durability with timeless aesthetics that rise above flickering microtrends. From high-quality wool sweaters that hold up to being mended to sturdy furniture that can be used, reused, and upcycled, buying for life means investing time and money into the things that you use daily.

 Investing in timeless, high-quality furniture now means never worrying about revamping your living room or clashing with your treasured statement pieces again.

Minimal Living, Minimal Hassle

Designing a home is no easy feat, but a long-term mentality can relieve stress. When designing for dining spaces, living rooms, or the home office, consider classic pieces that stand the test of time.

Let’s use the bedroom as an example: a neutral-toned wooden bedside table, computer desk, or chest of drawers will complement most bedroom styles and your table lamps—be they traditional in design or avant-garde.

Hopping on trends puts a time limit on your style and runs the risk of looking outdated. However, relying on durable, stylish, and fundamental furniture pieces makes switching styles a breeze without looking outdated.  

Shopping Sustainably 

You’re not the only one who achieves a beautiful look by purchasing quality investment pieces—so does planet Earth! Buying furniture for the long term clears landfills of needless trash and helps keep our planet clean. And when you shop used furniture for your buy-it-for-life-inspired home, you have the bonus of knowing you’ve immediately kept an item in circulation for longer.

Ideal “Buy it for Life” Materials

Not all materials are made equal, so here are a few to look out for in your search for long-lasting products.


Leather is known for its durability and timelessness, but what type of leather furniture is most durable? The holy grail is full-grain leather, which is a part of the broader top-grain leather family. Nubuck leather is another top-grain leather to consider. They all feature rich and natural colors while retaining time-tested durability.


Most hardwoods are durable and pleasing to the eye. For more rich shades, consider mahogany or cherry; for lighter shades, try birch or maple; and for darker shades, nothing beats walnut. Already got wood furniture? Try repurposing it! Mother Nature sends her thanks.

Invest in Your Future with CORT Outlet

Buying furniture with the intention of having it forever can seem daunting. After all, what if it goes out of style? Will your house end up looking like a time capsule of the 2020s? Timeless, neutral furniture ensures that no matter what styles come and go, all it takes are some minor adjustments to stay en vogue. And, when you buy for life, you practice sustainability by reducing the amount of furniture in the trash. It’s a win-win.

Buying for life doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. At CORT Furniture Outlet, new and gently used inventory provides designer quality and style at a fraction of the price: up to 70% off original prices.

But it’s not just about savings–At CORT we prioritize quality construction that utilizes high standards for materials, and we place an emphasis on the protecting and re-conditioning every piece to keep furniture out of the landfills and cut down on emissions. You can confidently invest in high-quality furniture, knowing that it was built with sustainability in mind. Plus, our team of experts has inspected and cleaned every item. Visit your local CORT Outlet or shop online today.

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