How to Welcome New Neighbors

Has your community recently welcomed new members? If you have new neighbors moving in or are expecting some soon, make sure you give them a warm and welcoming first impression. You may not be new to the neighborhood, but you definitely once were! We all know what that feels like, and it’s not very fun initially.

It can be tough moving into a new space — changing up your living situation is overwhelming for several reasons. By offering up your help and kindness, you’ll make your new friends’ transition a whole lot easier. Step outside of your comfort zone to bring comfort to someone else — you’ll find that you both benefit!

Do Your Part

It’s in your best interest to build on relationships within your community. By strengthening the bonds you have with the people near you, you’ll create an especially wonderful environment to live in. Having good relationships with your neighbors will ultimately make your community safer, more supportive, and, most importantly, more FUN to be a part of! Our suggestion? Start a trend in your community by engaging in neighborly connections.

Ways to Give a Warm Welcome

It doesn’t take a grand gesture to show newcomers you care. Here are some ways in which you can provide comfort and put yourself out there!

  1. Send snacks. Bringing over food is a foolproof way to win over your new neighbors. This old-school move will bring a smile to their faces! Try taking over baked goods or snacks from your favorite local spot to put your own twist on this traditional greeting.
  2. Open up your own home. There’s a good chance your new neighbors won’t be ready for visitors right away; they’ll likely want to get settled first. Break the ice by opening up your home for visiting hours! Invite your neighbors over for a cup of morning coffee or an impromptu happy hour.
  3. Bring over a housewarming gift. Who doesn’t like presents? Handing over a housewarming gift is an incredibly thoughtful way to say hi. When selecting your new neighbor gift, go with a unique piece from a store near your area. In a way, you’re showing your new neighbors what’s around them without leaving the cul de sac!
  4. Help with decorating. If you really want to go above and beyond, offer your assistance with moving and decorating! For some, unpacking and decorating is more of a hassle than an enjoyable experience — especially after a grueling move. Helping your new neighbors to have a little fun with it may be just what they need to get inspired.

Welcome New Neighbors in Style

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