How to Keep Pets Off the Couch When You’re Not Home

Tired of having your black pants covered in fluffy fur? You’re not alone. Owners of indoor pets face a power struggle when keeping animals (and their fur) off the couch. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep those paws on the ground when you’re not around to keep an eye on them.

How to Keep Cats Off Furniture When You’re Not Home

Let’s start with our feline friends. While there are certain things you can do to deter them from jumping on — or even worse, scratching — your couch when you’re home, it’s not as easy to deter them when you’re away. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help reduce and hopefully eliminate this problem.

Use Plastic Carpet Protectors or Runners

Do you know those plastic carpet runners that have pointy knobs on the bottom? Cats won’t like that textured surface on their paws, so place them on the couch when you leave to keep it both cat and dander free.

Another option is a rubber runner, which can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Measure out the length of your couch, get the appropriate amount at the store, and place the runner upside down on the couch. Similar to the plastic runner, the texture of the runner will irritate most cats, effectively keeping them off the sofa. When you’re home and using the couch, simply remove the runners.

Double-Sided Stickers

Cats don’t like it when things stick to their paws. Then again, who does? Accordingly, try pasting double-sided stickers and tape on the couch cushions. Whenever your cats try to get onto the couch, the tape will stick to their paws. Eventually, they’ll associate the couch with the tape’s unpleasant stickiness, avoiding the area altogether.

Use Cat-Repelling Mats and Pads

The great thing about the Internet is that you can basically find anything that you need, and that includes this effective solution for keeping your cat off the couch when you’re not home — cat-repelling mats and pads. All you have to do is put these cat-repelling mats on the couch and let them do their thing, which is discharging a quick static pulse whenever a cat touches it.

But, don’t worry! According to the vendor, it’s not potent enough to harm your cat but rather will irritate them enough that they’ll lose interest in jumping on your couch and will find another place to relax.

How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture When You’re Not Home

Many of the techniques for keeping cats off the couch will also work on dogs, so make sure to give them a try. Additionally, here are some canine-specific tactics to keep your stubborn puppy’s paws off the upholstery.

Make It Impossible

This might sound a little crazy, but when you leave home, make it impossible for the dog to actually get onto the couch by putting things like chairs or upside-down laundry baskets on the furniture. If you’re feeling fancy, there’s even something called the “Couch Defender” that looks like a foldable hamper but is designed to keep Fido off the furniture.

Give Your Dog Their Own Bed

Aside from cuddling with you, the main reason your dog wants to get on the couch is that it’s so comfortable, right? An easy solution to add into the mix is to make sure you have a comfy dog bed for your dog to sleep on. Put the bed near the couch, and when you’re home, work on training them to go in it instead of on the couch. This could involve a little bribery with treats to reward the dog for actually “going to bed,” but no shame! Eventually, they’ll learn to prefer it and stay off the couch when you’re gone.

Block or Crate

While you would love for your dog to have the run of the land when you’re not home, sometimes the best option is to take away that option. If none of the tactics above are proving effective, block off access to the room with your couch, crate your dog, or keep your dog in another room when you leave home. This will guarantee that they won’t get on the couch — especially if they have their own dog bed to enjoy in whatever room that they’re kept in.

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