The Right Way to Organize Your Wardrobe With Bedroom Storage Furniture

It’s time for your annual seasonal wardrobe exchange. But the overflow of clothing from the previous months now has your sleeping quarters looking more like a closet than a bedroom.

It can be difficult to pare down your closet — even if you’re motivated by the sleek and luxurious feel of Instagram-worthy walk-in closets — so why not learn how to do more with more? Learn how to use bedroom storage furniture to get organized with this guide. 

1. Assess the Situation

No matter how spacious or small your space is, start by decluttering. As much as you think you want to keep that sweater from 2016 just in case — it’s likely time to purge a few things from your closet. Don’t add to the landfill. Instead, consider donating your old unworn items to a good cause.

From there, make a few adjustments to maximize your storage space. Consider rolling t-shirts and athletic wear and using drawer dividers to keep things neat and compact. Folding your clothes strategically and organizing each clothes drawer in your dresser can save you space and time when prepping for the day. 

2. Tuck Your Things Away With Under Bed Storage Solution

What piece of your bedroom set typically takes up the most space? Your bed. Underbed containers and bins can help you use the space underneath — and get organized without adding additional bulk to your bedroom. 

For your most unused items, fabric containers with zippers are a sustainable choice — whether you’re storing sweaters or hiding away extra bedding and pillows. Live in a studio with no foyer for shoes? Sturdy under-bed storage carts make shoe organizers extinct and keep your room neat and chic.

When choosing under-bed storage, think long-term or easy access. Ask yourself, “How often will I need to access these items?” If you want to make the most out of your bed storage for everyday use, design an under-bed drawer system that works with your bedroom décor. Use a bed skirt to hide the drawers to add an extra flair to the room.

3. No Room Under The Bed? Turn to Multi-Purpose Furniture. 

Rising rental prices are unforgiving, and you may find yourself in a studio apartment. If you’re living in a shoebox, chances are your entire apartment has transformed into a storage unit. Fitting things under the bed may not be a reasonable option.

 A temporary room divider can section off your space and hide away anything you wouldn’t want guests to see (granted they can fit inside!). Chuck on a hanging bed pocket to free up your nightstand. It’s a unique way to repurpose your furniture without adding more bulk. 

Multi-purpose bedroom furniture will be your best friend when it comes to small living areas. Choose a bedside table with cabinets or basket below for stowing extra socks or tees. A small bench with built-in storage can double as a bench at the end of your bed and as a place to tuck hats and gloves. 

4. Invest in Stylish But Functional Bedroom Storage Pieces

Moving into your forever home? Invest in pieces that will last and meet your wardrobe storage needs — especially if your closet space is small or being shared. Delegate wardrobe space with sleek clothing shelves, chest storage, or an armoire. Built-in clothing rods can provide extra hanging space and customizable shelving options give you the power to design your organizational space. 

And bedroom clothing storage is where you can play with the overall design of your bedroom. You can keep a low profile with neutral color choices or stand out with inlayed or distressed options. It’s all in the details. 

5. Get Creative With Υοur Existing Furniture

If your budget (or small space) is telling you no, assess what you already have. Built-in cabinets can be your new dresser: just add some boxes and tray organizers, and you’ll be able to give everything a designated space. Remember: the pieces you already have can serve a dual purpose. A dresser can easily daylight as a vanity — keep your necklaces tangle-free on a jewelry hanger and house your makeup in trays atop. 

Finally, you don’t have to ditch your existing furniture items if they serve their purpose. But you can add some life to them. A little pop of paint and some new hardware can completely transform your existing bedroom set. 

6. Create a Boutique Feel With a Free-Standing Clothing Rack

Keep your favorite items in plain sight with a garment rack. Most options are wheeled and include other storage space, like smaller shelves or a singular rack at the bottom for holding shoes. It’s a clever way to keep what you wear most on display and makes getting dressed on the days you snooze your alarm much easier. 

7. Make Use of Your Wall Space: Clothing Shelves & More

Is your room too crowded for a rolling garment rack? The addition of floating clothing shelves,  wall pegs or hooks makes organizing easier. Free up closet space by hanging scarves, ties, and bags on free wall space. Adding in storage on your walls will de-bulk your closet the same way a clothing rack will without taking up any floor space. 

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