5 Things That Make Your Rental Property Stand Out!

When renters scroll through vacation rental sites, trying to determine which one to book for an unforgettable trip, your place needs to stand out among the sea of listings. It’s a competitive marketplace out there — VRBO offers two million listings, Airbnb boasts seven million properties, and there are dozens more vacation rental sites where hosts may list their homes.

When it comes to how to make a rental property more attractive to prospective renters, the answer is simple: your listing has to make a lasting first impression. Help searchers envision themselves in your home with an outstanding vacation rental listing.

If you’re wondering how to make your rental property stand out online among the millions of rooms for rent, here are the key ingredients to an enticing listing!

1. Stellar List of Amenities

The last thing you want is to miss out on a potential rental opportunity because your place has been unnecessarily filtered out. That’s why it’s essential to take the time and list every single amenity your place has to offer — even if it seems unnecessary. You may not check the “TV” box on the amenities list because, of course, your place has a television. But you may be surprised how many people use filters to weed out undesirable rentals.

Besides listing all the amenities your place already has, consider investing in a few key items that can help your place filter to the top of the results.

  • Desk and chair: create a cozy workspace, as many people like to work on the go.
  • Toiletries: provide shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, and soap to give a hotel-like experience.
  • Kids items: offer renters with children a crib or pack and play and high chair, so they don’t have to pack bulky items.

One last tip: check the “pets allowed” option if you’re willing to allow small animals to stay at your place. Many travelers love to bring their companion along for the journey. By adding this option, you open doors to even more visitors. And if you’re worried about the havoc a large animal may wreak in your space, you can put limits on the kind and size of animals you allow in your home.

2. Selfie-Worthy Decor

Vacation renters want more than a place to just call home for a few days… they want an experience they can share on social media with their friends and followers!

To create an environment worthy enough to post on social media, your home needs a distinct “look.” No matter your preferred sense of style, simply crank up the decor dial. Incorporate large artwork, greenery, colorful rugs, vibrant throw pillows, and fun bedspreads to give your place a unique sparkle.

3. Eye-Catching Headline

Your single-sentence rental description has the potential to influence someone to click “Book.” When deciding what to write, aim to include an adjective describing your space’s vibe, its location, and to whom it may appeal.

An example? Quaint cottage near the water — perfect for a romantic getaway!

This headline paints a clear picture of what a renter can expect from the listing: a cozy spot for two people. A clear description has the power to attract your ideal renter.

4. Statement Piece(s) of Furniture

Furniture can genuinely make or break a listing. If your place has out of style, grungy furniture, expect to be skipped over for a more polished property.

You don’t have to replace every piece of furniture in your space for something new. Focus on the main living areas to make the largest impact: the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Incorporate a statement piece of furniture into each of those rooms to make your property memorable.

Make sure your statement piece(s) matches the decor throughout your home. Are you going for an elegant look? Find a velvet sofa with a pop of color for the living room. Shooting or a more midcentury look? Find Mad Men-inspired furniture and decorate accordingly.

Furnishing your rental property doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. CORT Furniture Outlet has an ever-changing showroom of trendy furniture that can make your place shine! From gently used sofas and large-scale artwork to entire sets of bedroom/living room/dining room furniture, you’re sure to find what you need within your desired budget.

5. Scroll-Stopping Photography

You don’t need a professional photographer to create vibrant images of your place. A simple smartphone, some staging tips, and a mobile photo editing app can do wonders.

Start by staging your place. You’ve already invested in beautiful decor (see step two above!) — now it’s time to put it on display! Declutter your space as much as possible and incorporate trendy pillows, throw rugs, and artwork.

Take photos from different angles: high, low, straight on, from the side… get creative, and take lots of pictures. Remember to take photos of every room mentioned in your listing. You can even snap some shots of the amenities to show renters what they can expect to find upon arrival.

Next, narrow down the images to 20 of your favorites. You want to provide enough pictures to give the renter a realistic idea of what the space looks like, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many.

Finally, edit the images using a mobile photo editing app. Lighten the photos and add a touch of vibrancy to give them a professional look. And, voila! They’re ready to post!

If you’re still wondering, “How can I rent my condo / my house / my room” this season, start with a small investment that will have the most significant impact: furniture. A stunning showstopper piece of furniture can bring scrolling to a stop! Visit CORT Furniture Outlet for trendy, gently used pieces that are affordable and durable.

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