Tips for Saving Money Setting Up a Home as a Single Parent

Parents are always looking for ways to save money, and as a single parent, it can be even more important to consider budget when setting up your home. When it comes to tips for being a single mom, finding ways to save money usually ranks high on the list. So, how do you get the home you want without spending too much or sacrificing style?

Start by focusing on creating a warm, inviting living space for you and your family. Here’s some of the best advice for single moms who need to furnish a new home.

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Think Used

Buying new furniture is expensive, so instead of thinking new, look at options for used pieces. You might be surprised to learn it’s possible to find high-quality used furniture in excellent shape at great prices.

The important thing to keep in mind when buying used furniture is to inspect it carefully and look for structural problems, such as a wobbly leg or pieces that have obviously been repaired. You also want to make sure pieces haven’t been recalled for safety reasons. (This is especially important for cribs, beds, and high chairs.)

You can find used furniture in many different ways, including at yard sales and resale furniture stores in your area. Keep in mind that you may have to make your own arrangements to move the furniture to your home unless you choose an option like CORT’s Furniture Clearance Center. These centers are found in cities across the country and feature gently used, top-quality furniture in great condition that can be delivered right to your door.

Make Repurposing Your Purpose

You may tend to think of each piece of furniture as having a specific use, but that isn’t always the case. If you’re trying to save money, look at your existing pieces and think about how you can use them in a different room. This isn’t just thrifty; the upcycling trend is hot right now, making it easy to find many online resources for new ideas to refresh your furniture.

Mix for the Perfect Match

When you’re working with a budget, think of what furniture you really want and what you need from it. Then get creative. Instead of buying a matched set, consider buying one quality “statement piece” that will anchor the rest of the room and be the center of attention. Then you can bring in lower-priced complementary pieces and build the room around it.

Whatever stage of life you’re in as a single parent, see what CORT’s solutions can do to help.


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