6 Low-Cost Projects to Increase Home Value

The right mix of low-cost home improvement ideas can make a big difference when either selling your home or simply looking to fall in love with it again.

Here are six remodeling ideas that can boost your home’s value without burdening your bank account!

1. Clear the Clutter

As a country, we own a lot of stuff. The average household in the U.S. holds approximately 300,000 items. Sure, some of those things are essential, such as our toothbrushes and cutlery. But clearing away all the unnecessary items among those 300,000 creates more space in your home. It’s like adding square feet! It also helps prospective buyers imagine their belongings there. And finally, it alleviates any concerns that problems are hiding beneath all the home’s contents.

A thorough decluttering is possibly your best move if you’re wondering how to add value to your home on a budget.

2. Clean, Clean, and Then Clean Some More

By “deep” cleaning, we’re talking about chores above and beyond the standard dusting and vacuuming.

Rent a carpet cleaner, wipe stubborn grease stains off of kitchen backsplashes (and anywhere else they appear), wash the windows, and more. Everything you can do to make the home look shiny and new improves its attractiveness.

This level of cleaning isn’t easy, but like all workouts, it will leave you happier at having invested the effort.

3. Create Fresh Colors

Even the best paint fades over time. However, you don’t need to repaint the entire place to reap the benefits of a fresh coat. There is a far less expensive alternative: select specific, high-impact areas for a refresh.

  • Paint the front door a bold color to boost your curb appeal.
  • Replace any wall colors that veer off the beaten path with neutral colors helps make the room appear less dated. If you’re looking to sell, fresh, neutral paint enables prospective buyers to more easily picture the place as their own.
  • A coat of paint on tired kitchen cabinetry gives the place a high shine if your budget doesn’t allow for more significant changes, such as new cabinetry.

4. Dial-In on the Details

Even relatively small changes can have a significant impact when we’re talking about home upgrades that add value.

Are your kitchen cabinet drawer and door handles looking dated? Maybe they’re even chipped and loose. Replace them; there’s a good chance that even the least expensive option from the hardware store will look better.

The same goes for the doorknobs on your interior doors. Replacing a bedroom door can cost hundreds of dollars. Swapping out its hard is much less expensive. You likely also have handles in your bathroom that can use an update.

5. Select Discounted Decorations

You don’t need pricey things to improve your home. Your local second hand furniture store probably carries a dozen items or more that will help your home shine without requiring a trip to the ATM first.

Take a lazy Saturday on the coming weeks and consider the following checklist to inspire some home upgrades that add value:

  • Mirrors
  • Vases
  • Lamps
  • Picture frames
  • End tables
  • Baskets

6. Furnish with Fantastic Furniture

Some upgrades add value. However, none of them may make as notable an impact as having great furniture and home decor pieces.

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