9 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Make your kids’ Thanksgiving extra special by letting them help you decorate this year. These DIY Thanksgiving crafts are a fun way to spend time together as a family and create some festive holiday décor at the same time. Here are nine great DIY Thanksgiving crafts for your kids to enjoy.

1. Gratitude Board

This time of year is all about being thankful, and a gratitude board is the perfect way to express it. Cover a bulletin board with fall-themed fabric, and cut out colorful “leaves” from construction paper. Have each family member (and any guests who visit) write down what they’re thankful for and post it on the board.

2. Fall Wreath

Every door looks inviting when it’s dressed up with a wreath. Make a simple fall wreath using found objects like pinecones and dried, colorful leaves. Use hot glue to easily attach them to a wreath frame.

3. Thanksgiving Placemats

Dress up your Turkey Day dinner with homemade placemats. Cut muslin into 14-inch-by-18-inch rectangles, and use pinking shears to give them a decorative edge. Then, let your child create a Thanksgiving design of his or her own with yarn, glue, and fabric paint.

4. Candy Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is part of many Thanksgiving feasts, and this craft gives it a novel twist. Cut corncob shapes out of yellow, orange, and brown construction paper, then glue candy corn on the “ears” of corn. Finish them off with a green ribbon at the top of each “corncob,” and then join three or four together for a festive look.

5. Thanksgiving Banner

Give thanks this year in a simple way. Cut out shapes from construction paper — large circles, triangles, or squares. Now, cut out the letters “T – H – A – N – K – S” from black construction paper, and glue on letters in the center of each shape. String them together with ribbon, hang it up, and give “THANKS” every day.

6. Velvet Pumpkin

Turn a plastic pumpkin from drab to fab with this simple craft. Pick up a Styrofoam pumpkin from your local craft store and cover it in velvet to give it a brand new look. Finally, wrap twine around the pumpkin stem as a finishing touch.

7. String Pumpkin

If you have yarn, balloons, pipe cleaners, and glue, you have what it takes to make a string pumpkin. Cut yellow or orange yarn into 36-inch pieces and blow up a balloon to the size you’d like (make different sizes to create some variation). Dip yarn in white glue and wrap around the balloon and then hang to dry. After 24 hours, your string should be hard and dry, so poke a hole in the balloon and pull it out from the center. Use green or brown pipe cleaners to make a stem for a finishing touch.

8. Autumn Leaf Mason Jars

Light up your holiday table with this simple craft. All you need are colorful leaves (either real or silk), decoupage glue, and a mason jar. Apply the glue to the leaves, wrap them around the jar, and apply more decoupage glue. You will have to apply a few coats and let the glue dry in between applications. When your project is completely dry, put a candle inside.

9. Painted Pinecones

This super-simple project is fun for all ages. Collect pinecones and use a toothbrush to clean off dirt. Then use a small paintbrush to add color to the tips of each pinecone. Use different sizes and colors to create a centerpiece or mantel décor.

These Thanksgiving crafts are fun for kids and give some nice seasonal touches to your space. As your family and friends gather for Thanksgiving, remember that CORT Clearance Centers can equip your home with all the right furnishings to ensure it is holiday ready.

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