Holiday Gifts for College Students (That They’ll Actually Use!)

What are kids into these days, anyway? When it comes to getting gifts for the college students in your life, this may be a hard question to answer, and the last thing you need while getting ready for the holidays is more stress. Don’t worry — we’ll help you pick out some budget-friendly gifts that they’ll actually use!

  1. College memorabilia. Give the gift of school spirit! Sweatshirts, car decals, coffee mugs, you name it! Showing off their school is exciting for any student, but especially fun for seniors and freshmen.
  2. Dorm-friendly appliances. A mini-fridge, coffeemaker, and microwave are all useful gifts for college students. With access to these small appliances, they have a better chance of avoiding unhealthy on-campus options, fast-food meals, and overpriced coffee.
  3. House plants. Everyone wants to be a plant parent these days. Encourage their green thumb with a house plant! And if their thumb isn’t so green, faux plants or artificial trees might be a safer bet.
  4. Cozy clothes. Whether living in a house with roommates or sharing a community bathroom in a dorm (or even kicking it solo in a one-bedroom apartment), a cute loungewear set or cozy pajamas is a must, and a pair of slippers or house shoes would be the cherry on top.
  5. Home décor. Does their dorm or apartment need a little sprucing? Help them deck their halls with chic home accessories like throw pillows, art, or mirrors for the perfect on-trend touch.
  6. Workout gear. Encourage a healthy lifestyle for your college-aged kids. New sneakers, a gym bag, or their own yoga mat and carrier are great Christmas gifts. These are exceptional options for college students that frequent their school’s recreational center, attend their local yoga studio, or even opt for online workouts at home.
  7. A TV or entertainment system. ‘Tis the season to binge holiday movies on Netflix! So, gift your smartypants a smart TV —and a well-deserved break from their studies. Or, make their holiday extra jolly with an Apple TV or a Bose entertainment system complete with a DVD player, subwoofer, and two speakers. It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to modern electronics!
  8. Household necessities. A pack of toilet paper, vacuum cleaner, iron, or cleaning supplies may not get the immediate reaction you’re looking for—but functional gifts are the most useful, and your college student will thank you later!
  9. Study tools. Set your student up for success! Laptops, tablets, book bags, and noise-canceling headphones are the perfect gifts for college students—and hopefully will inspire good study habits.
  10. An experience. Give the gift of fun and fond memories! This can be anything from a “splurge” dinner at their favorite restaurant or a trip to visit their college friends.

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