Game Day Entertaining Essentials for Hosting a Football Watch Party

The big game is coming up — and it’s your turn to host the fam’s yearly football watch party! Before you worry too much about fumbling it, ensure you use these tips and items to max out your home field advantage!

Set the Stage

Conduct a quick audit of what you have around your home. Is the furniture ratty, torn, and devoid of comfort? Was the one chair you had a camping chair?

There’s a reason football stadiums have incredible features and remarkable amenities: that’s what it takes to present great games. Don’t worry, though: you won’t need millions of dollars. In fact, great furniture is more affordable than you may think, you just need to know where to find the best deals.

While you browse furniture clearance deals, make sure you get a comfy couch, a couple of plush armchairs, and coffee and end tables for your guests to enjoy comfy seating and a convenient place to set down their drinks!

Think About Your Guest List

Your goal isn’t merely to invite your face-painting, fantasy football-playing buddies. Think about creating a group of friends rather than just fanatics. The right ratio of casual fans to die-hard loyalists will allow you to host not only a terrific big game party but also an excellent “plain ol’” party if the game turns into an uncompetitive blowout or defense-heavy snooze-fest.

Provide Plenty of Seating

Some football stadiums have obstructed view seating. But that’s a level of realism you don’t want! Ensure that every seat is the best seat in the house by arranging plenty of comfortable seating with a clear view of the TV.

If you’re working with limited space, you’ll likely have to rearrange your furniture and bring in a piece or two from another room! Additionally, consider incorporating floor cushions and ottomans for extra seating that doesn’t obstruct the view from the couch.

Extend the Theme with Decorations

The best entertainment experiences are the most immersive entertainment experiences. Ensure your guests know they’re at a football viewing party by extending the theme throughout your place. You can pick up football party supplies or even make your own.

Offer Good Food — and Plenty of It

Parking lot tailgates may get you close to the action, but at-home watch parties get you a front-row seat at the snack buffets! Prepare a winning spread including game-day classics like hot dogs, chips and queso, and sliders, and arrange them atop your credenza along with sweet snacks, disposable serveware, and a bucket of ice full of beers, bottled waters, and sodas! Don’t want to do all the meal-prepping yourself? Worry not! Arranging a game-day buffet is also a great way to incorporate your friends’ potluck contributions!

Call an Audible with CORT

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