4 Steps to Hosting a Brunch Party at Home

Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and French toast – what’s not to love about brunch? Use these handy tips to prepare a crowd-pleasing at-home brunch, including recipe suggestions, brunch buffet layout ideas, and more!

Step 1: Choose a theme — and decorate accordingly!

There are so many unique at-home brunch ideas and so many different ways you can go with it! For a sophisticated “Sunday best” brunch, think floral arrangements, calligraphy place cards, and your favorite dishes. For a “pajama and pancakes” party, decorate with colorful streamers and use throw pillows as seating. A “brunch and bubbles” boozy brunch lends itself perfectly to twinkling, glittery décor and a decked-out mimosa bar cart. A great theme makes an at-home brunch extra special, so get creative! Once you’ve figured out the overall vibe or ambiance you’re going for, you can map out your décor, dishes, and drinks from there!

Step 2: Pick (easy) brunch recipes

Breakfast food can be an intimidating one to make in large quantities, but there are plenty of simple recipes to make your life easier. The key to hosting a brunch party is providing a good mix of sweet and salty – after all, some people love their chocolate chip pancakes and some like cheesy sausage casserole. Below are some delicious recipes that are perfect when serving brunch for a crowd.



Step 3: Provide drink options

You can have a lot of fun with brunch beverages, so branch out from the basics!

  • Juice Station: Set a table with carafes or beverage dispensers of different juices, from the standard orange and grapefruit to pineapple and kiwi. Make sure to label each flavor!
  • Coffee Bar: No brunch is complete without caffeine. Brew a large pot of coffee (or pick up a carrier from your favorite local spot) and set up a bar with a variety of mix-ins, like milk, plant-based milks, sugar, creamers, and so on.
  • Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary: Is there anything you can’t put in a Bloody Mary? Whip up a large batch of the drink mix ahead of time, and fill a table with as many toppings as you can fit: hot sauce, horseradish, olives, bacon, jalapenos, hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, the list is endless. Some restaurants even serve their Bloody Marys with cheeseburger sliders on top… just saying!
  • Mimosa Bar: The mimosa is the quintessential brunch drink. Create a mimosa bar with several different juices (like orange, mango, and papaya), champagne or prosecco, and fresh fruit to use as garnish. Add some beautiful champagne flutes, and you’re all set!

Step 4: Set up your brunch buffet

The next step, and arguably the most important, is figuring out how you’ll set up your brunch. Will you be serving the guests, or will they help themselves? Is it a more formal seated affair, or will guests mosey around as they munch? There are so many options!

  • Serve food buffet style. While you could serve guests plated meals, most brunches work best family-style or serve yourself. Line dishes on a long table, like a sleek credenza or even a simple console table, to easily create a self-service buffet – or line the table with toppings for a build-your-own-waffle or pancake bar! If you don’t have a buffet table or something comparable, you can always display dishes on your kitchen counter or dining room table.
  • Create a drink station. If you’re keeping the beverage situation simple with water and juices, you can pour them into carafes and create a little station on a small end table or pub table. If you’re providing a more elaborate selection, like a mimosa bar or coffee bar, spread out the goodies on another long table, similar to your buffet-style food! To make your drink station look polished, label everything with pretty signage and add touches like flowers, a tablecloth, a garland, or anything else that fits your theme!
  • Plan the seating. If it’s a more intimate brunch, you may be able to seat your guests around your dining room table. If you’re entertaining more people than will fit around your table, however, you may need to be resourceful! Tall pub tables are great for situations like this, allowing guests to gather around to eat and chat. Clear off any coffee tables and end tables so guests have places to set plates and drinks as they socialize. Weather permitting, more guests can utilize the patio furniture and enjoy their brunch food al fresco. Check out the blog post “How to ‘Build’ an Outdoor Living Room on a Budget” for tips on designing an idyllic outdoor space, perfect for your next brunch!

Hosting a brunch at home is an affordable and memorable way to celebrate with the ones you love, and creating a welcoming home is a worthwhile investment. Luckily, you can furnish a party-ready home on a budget with CORT Furniture Outlet! Before you invite your friends and family to your upcoming garden party-themed brunch, take a visit to your nearest furniture center for inspected, previously-rented furnishings.

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