How to “Build” an Outdoor Living Room on a Budget

Warmer weather means more and more folks are spending time outdoors — basking in the mood-boosting health benefits of a little vitamin D! If you’re looking to reduce stress and increase your overall well-being, consider creating an outdoor living room where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you have a home with a yard or an apartment with a balcony patio, you can build an outdoor living room within your budget. Consider these budget-friendly tips when rehabbing your outdoor living area.

1. Consider Buying Used Instead of New

As with any home project, finding ways to cut costs on large ticket items — like furniture — can do wonders when working within a tight budget. Outdoor furniture, especially when bought new, comes at a premium. High-quality patio furniture tends to be pricey because it’s built to be long-lasting and weather-resistant.

Before you browse for brand new outdoor furniture sets, do some homework to find gently used furniture that’s in your budget. You’d be surprised how much you could save when buying previously rented furniture vs. cheapy new pieces.

2. Measure Twice, Design Once

When designing an outdoor living room, it’s critical to make sure it’s as functional as it is attractive. One way to do this? Ensure you and your guests can navigate the space without tripping over or bumping against the furniture.

If you’re adding a table and chairs to your outdoor living room, add 36 inches to each side of the table to allow for easy walking and sitting. If the area you’re working with measures on the more modest side, select smaller furniture and decrease the 36 inches to 30-34 inches. With smaller spaces, like an apartment patio, you can incorporate furniture pieces that nest or stack to save space.

3. Repurpose Your Clutter

Somehow our belongings seem to multiply overnight! Fortunately, some of this clutter may help you add attractive touches to your outdoor space. Consider:

  • Using decorative bowls and small storage containers as planters
  • Relegating your living room throw pillows to your outdoor living space — then treat yourself to new throw pillows for your indoor living room
  • Creating a vertical garden with stacked wooden crates

4. Use Your Space to the Fullest…

If you’re fortunate to have plenty of space available, consider setting up multiple seating areas for guests to enjoy during larger gatherings. Set up a lounge area and a separate space to gather for a meal.

More seating is possible without breaking the bank if you leverage patio furniture clearance sales whenever possible. Knowing where to find used patio furniture for sale helps you keep the green in your wallet while getting face time with the green in your yard!

If you’re tight on space, center your outdoor seating around a patio coffee table for close-knit conversations and easy entertaining.

Bonus tip: Make sure your outdoor seating comes with weather-resistant fabric!

5. … But Use Your Outdoor Space Wisely

Most summer days are hot enough without placing seats too close to the grill. Remember:

  • Leave plenty of space between the grill and seating, and at least 10 feet between your grill and the house.
  • Don’t place the BBQ grill and outdoor table too far away from the house, though. That makes it easier to ferry food and drinks back and forth as required.
  • Keep throw blankets inside but readily reachable for chilly evenings.
  • If there are deck railings, try to arrange the furniture to give everyone a pleasant, unobstructed view.

Maybe creating such a functional and fun outdoor space will inspire you to get some other things done at home!

The Great Outdoors Await

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