10 Tips for Storing Your Books in Style

Whether your books are dog-eared or in pristine condition, paperbacks or hardcovers, all book lovers want to know how to design a bookshelf and create the best home for your collection. Even if you don’t crack the spine very often, you can have an extensive book collection that demands aesthetic bookshelf ideas. Keep reading for creative ways to style your shelves! 


Don’t Settle for Boring Bookcases!


Be bold with a maximalist bookshelf.


Let your books tell a color story. Display books by the colors of their spines by color-coordinating each shelf or shelving in rainbow order. Tip: Take off book jackets to discover what bright colors might be underneath.


Create a clean slate for the minimalist home.


Looking to keep your home quiet and neutral? Turn books backward so the pages face out and the book spines face in. The result will be a neutral, natural look that can say “sophisticated” or give boho bookshelf vibes. A neutral bookcase can also be a backdrop that lets maximalist decor take the spotlight.


Make a statement with an accent wall.


Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves make a beautiful, impactful accent wall in a dining room, office, or living room. Paint the insides of the shelves a bold color or line them with a pretty printed wallpaper for that special touch.


Create a warm welcome.


Greet guests with a stunning book-filled entryway. Build out floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lining one wall or flanking the door for major impact. For a more modern look, try a long-and-low shelving unit that runs the length of the hallway. Decorate with a table lamp or two and a large mirror or piece or art.


Mix it up with mixed media decor.


If you only keep a few favorite paperbacks in the house, you’ll need to fill out your bookshelves with something other than books. Decorate bookshelves with houseplants or dried flowers, frames or artwork, vases or pottery, and other knick-knacks and tiny treasures.


Go big! Build a full library at home.


Have enough books to fill a library? What are you waiting for? Create your own cozy home library or reading nook! Fill up grand floor-to-ceiling shelves reminiscent of the Hogwarts library or the Beast’s study. Add a cozy armchair, a floor lamp, and if you’re so inclined…maybe one of those rolling ladders, too.


Think Outside the Bookcase


You may be wondering how to store books without a bookshelf. It’s easier than you think to find storage space when square footage is in short supply. Check out these creative ways to store books.


Stack ‘em high.


Keep stacks at the foot of your bed or pile them up and use them as a side table. (We’ll call it an interior design hack.)


Line ‘em up.


Use window sills as open shelving. Line up your books in alphabetical order or arrange them so that colors coordinate. 


Use a bar cart.


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so forget the bookcase and use a bar cart! Bar carts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so you can choose one that can slide easily into small spaces—and seamlessly into your home’s style.


Hang floating shelves.


For a small, curated collection of your favorite reads, there’s no need to take up extra space with a large bookcase. Fix floating shelves on the walls instead—you can use as many or few as you like and hang them just about anywhere.


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