6 Tips for Creating a Cozy Home Library You’ll Actually Use

Americans are plugged in all the time — both at work and play. If you’re dreaming of a designated space to unplug and unwind, a cozy home library is the perfect solution. Whether you’ve got an entire spare room to use for your library at home or one unused corner for a snug reading nook, here are six tips for furnishing and decorating your literary oasis.

Embrace the idea of a multipurpose flex space.

For many of us – even the most passionate bookworms – it’s not feasible to dedicate an entire room to a home library. Luckily, you certainly don’t need one! You can create a peaceful home library within your bonus room with just a few tall shelves and a comfy chair. If you’ve got an unused formal dining room that seems to collect dust between holidays, this is an ideal space to rearrange for reading. That awkward, pass-through room you’ve never known what to do with? Bingo! With a little ingenuity, almost any space can become the home library of your dreams.

Measure your selected space.

Maybe you’ve got an entire unused room to transform into your reading room, or perhaps you’re working with one blank wall in your living room or dining room. No matter how much (or how little) square footage you have, you can design something wonderful. However, before you purchase or plan anything, carefully measure out the area you’re working with. This will help you narrow down your realistic seating and shelving options.

Choose comfortable seating.

Sometimes it’s OK to prioritize aesthetics over comfort – but not when choosing seating for your small cozy home library. Whether you have room for a plush chaise, a pair of luxurious club chairs, or a single small armchair, you want your seating options to be a solid ten on the comfort scale. Remember: you want something you can sink into as easily and comfortably as you sink into your favorite books.

Organize and store your book collection.

Are you a card-carrying VIP member of your local library with a small collection of rotating books, or do you have a colossal stash of personal books to stow away? Consider how many novels you’ll really need space for, and then start mapping out your book storage. Packed tall or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are a gorgeous focal point for cozy home libraries, and they can be added to a home office or flex space with relative ease. If you’ve got a small but mighty collection, hanging a few new shelving units may be plenty. More ambitious DIYers can create built-in shelves – a stunning addition to any home library.

Make sure there is plenty of lighting.

Lighting is something to consider in any room you design, but it’s particularly important in a reading room! Layering light fixtures will be your best bet for reading small text without straining your eyes, especially in a room with less natural light. Ambient lighting can warm up the entire room, while focused task lighting next to your seating is perfect for lighting up a good book. A reading lamp is also handy if you have a reading nook within a shared flex space; the glow from a task light can add visual borders between spaces. 

Cozy up your space with rugs, décor, paint, pillows, and more.

When you’ve got all the essentials for your small home library, it’s time to have a little fun making your space tranquil, cozy, and bibliophile-approved. Soften up the space with an area rug, throw a lush throw blanket and pillows on your oversized armchair, hang up your favorite book-inspired wall art, add a few candles for ambiance – do whatever you want to make the space somewhere you’ll enjoy spending time. Choose home library décor that makes the place feel welcoming, relaxing, and your own.

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