16 Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Dreaming of turning your home into a Pinterest-worthy farmhouse, but working with a tight budget? You don’t need to spend a fortune to embrace the cozy and charming farmhouse décor style. Create the rustic space of your dreams without sacrificing your bank account or your vision with these farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget.  

For the living room

Stick to a neutral color palette.

This tip applies to every room in your farmhouse-style home. Farmhouse style is light, bright, and airy, so use colors like cream, beige, white, and soft gray while decorating and painting. When incorporating other colors, stick to lighter shades. You can include pops of black and navy if you’re looking to create a modern farmhouse look.

Hang your blankets and throws on a ladder.

A blanket ladder serves a practical purpose in your living room while also serving as a decorative piece. Rather than hiding your blankets or leaving them crumpled on your couch, hang them on a wooden ladder propped against your wall. You can find simple ladders at low price points online, but this is also an item you can thrift or hunt down through an online marketplace.

Use crates as wall shelves.

When it comes to farmhouse living room ideas on a budget, you can’t get much cheaper than wooden crates. You can buy sets of these for cheap online or at craft stores, and you can use them in various ways. Turn them into the ideal farmhouse floating shelves by simply turning them sideways and screwing the bottom of the crate into your wall. You can paint or stain the crates before hanging them if you desire. 

Decorate with wall signs and statement art. 

Gallery walls are a fixture in farmhouse living rooms, and the beauty of this style is that you don’t need to focus on being perfectly matchy-matchy. The more eclectic and fun, the better. You can find cheap printables in farmhouse fonts online. Print them out and throw them in some distressed wooden frames (available at most craft stores) to create rustic wall signs that are as easy as they are cheap. Throw in some farmhouse and nature-inspired images – think farm animals and country landscapes – for the perfect farmhouse gallery wall.

Adorn your couch with assorted throw pillows.

Cozy eclecticism is a hallmark of farmhouse style, so don’t worry about buying perfectly matching pillows. Instead, simply stick to a farmhouse color palette and have fun picking out a variety of different pillows for your living room. Choose complimentary pillows in different shapes and sizes.

For the kitchen and dining room

Paint mason jars for rustic utensil holders.

In need of farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget? Look no further than mason jars. Mason jars are an iconic fixture in the farmhouse style. Thankfully, they’re also budget-friendly. Grab a pack of mason jars at your local craft store, and you can use them for a variety of purposes around the house. 

You can use them as-is for holding your different kitchen utensils, but you can instantly add a bit of color to your counter space with acrylic paint. Light greens, blues, yellows, and pinks look great in a bright farmhouse kitchen. For just a few bucks, you’ve got a lovely place to stash your spatulas and serving spoons.

Make a DIY coffee cup pallet holder.

A DIY coffee cup pallet holder is an excellent project for coffee lovers who take pride in their mug collection. And, you can likely find a wood pallet for free from a local small business or source one on an online marketplace.

Drill a few hooks into the pallet, then add your flair with paint. Then, you’ve got a charming farmhouse-inspired place to hang all those mugs. For a full tutorial, check out these handy step-by-step instructions courtesy of Venture1105.

Throw in pops of metal.

Galvanized metal is a classic element in the farmhouse decorating style. Again, don’t worry about making sure all your metal elements match. Incorporate things like metal baskets and industrial shelves for storage, metal wall décor, and metal accent pieces, like a farmhouse style ottoman or bench. Juxtaposing these industrial elements with the warmer rustic elements is a recipe for a modern farmhouse.

Upcycle an old dining room table.

You don’t necessarily need to shell out money for a new, farmhouse-style dining room table. Instead, consider buying a gently used table or upcycling the one you currently have. Painted wood is a staple of a farmhouse, so adding a coat of white paint to the table legs and leaving the wooden tabletop exposed is a great way to transform it. Additionally, older, weathered tables with flaws, distressed wood, and even nicks and scratches fit beautifully into this design style. 

For the bedroom

Roll out a neutral-colored rug.

It’s important that your sleep space feels welcoming and serene, and adding a rug can help do this. Choose a simple rug in the typical farmhouse color scheme. Adding a neutral area rug instantly adds texture and warmth to your bedroom and helps to tie the space together cohesively.

Decorate with greenery.

Pops of houseplants in bright, light-colored rooms are a mainstay of farmhouse style.  If you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants make for perfect farmhouse decor on a budget. Place a tall potted plant wherever you have free floor space, and place smaller plants on shelves and tabletops. Plants help create a tranquil environment, which makes them ideal for the bedroom.

Add an accent wall with some easy DIY shiplap.

Is it even possible to create a farmhouse without any shiplap? A shiplap accent wall is a great way to add a farmhouse flourish to your bedroom, and you might be surprised to learn how easy and affordable it is to DIY with plywood strips and a nail gun. For a full run-down on creating a shiplap wall, give this post by Driven by Décor a read.

Mix new and old pieces.

Modern farmhouses seamlessly weave together contemporary and vintage. For farmhouse bedroom ideas on a budget, just take a trip to your local thrift store, yard sales, or online marketplaces. If you’ve got sleek, modern side tables, top them with antique lamps. If you’ve found a gorgeous vintage dresser, adorn it with modern metal accent pieces. Combining the old and the new creates a lovely and striking modern farmhouse effect.

For the entryway

Add a farmhouse bench to the area.

Wooden benches evoke a farmhouse feel and look lovely in an entryway. To stick to your budget, look for gently used farmhouse benches or scour thrift stores and marketplaces for a bench you can upcycle. Add a throw pillow or a potted plant (or both!) to make the area feel inviting.

Hang a burlap wreath on your door.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials online to create a cheap DIY farmhouse wreath for your entryway. This DIY grapevine wreath from At Home with the Barkers is a great example of the farmhouse aesthetic. Place it on your front door or hang it above your bench so that your guests receive a farmhouse greeting as soon as they arrive.

Place a rocking chair outside your front door.

Is there anything more farmhouse than a rocking chair? If you’ve got a porch or space for a sitting area outside your front door, this is a must-have. Save money by finding a rocking chair secondhand – it might take a bit of patience, but one will pop up. Sit in the sun, sip on some sweet tea, and rock away! 

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