5 Tips for Changing Your Home Decor With The Seasons

Seasonal flair and decor can help you get ready to embrace each season with a positive (and stylish) approach. Prepare to tackle each and every season in style with these five tips for changing your home decor with the seasons.

1. Find Your Year-Round Style & Stick to Neutrals

Cultivating your “base” is a crucial first step to successfully embracing seasonal

decor. Ensure that the rest of your furniture and decor can accommodate the varying styles and textures you want to incorporate through the seasons. A classic, neutral base is best when your seasonal items run the gamut from thick knits and rich tartan prints to gauzy linens and bright pinks.

Start by finding your year-round style. For large pieces or investment items, choose neutral colors that work with your every day and seasonal decor. Don’t worry — you can showcase your style year-round with artwork, throw pillows, blankets, and even rugs.

2. Pay Attention to Your Seasonal Color Schemes

To decorate your home for the seasons and truly capture the essence of each, you’ll need to pay close attention to your preferred color pallets in your existing seasonal or holiday decorations.

Here’s what’s typically most popular for each season:

  • Winter Colors:  evergreen, cardinal red, whites, rich browns, and winter blues

  • Spring Colors: gray, blush, sage green, camel, yellow pops, coral, pastels, sky blue, white

  • Summer Colors: gray, seafoam green, light tans, hibiscus pink, vivid orange, whites

  • Fall Colors: rust or pumpkin oranges, muted to bright reds, mustard yellows, and browns

Notice a pattern? There is some slight overlap between each season to the next! To make a seamless transition, you’ll merely have to remove decor items that don’t best suit the following season.

For example, when the Christmas season wraps up and you welcome the new year, you may want to consider removing your red decor in favor of lighter blues and winter whites. When spring rolls around, you’ll simply have to add pops of spring color.

Repeat this process year-round, and you’re well on your way to making the most of every season!

3. Have an Organizational System in Place

To make the most of year-round seasonal decorating, you’ll need to have an organizational system in place.

Create and label bins for each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Box up your items that aren’t holiday-themed and simply just evoke the season.

Then, create separate containers for each holiday you celebrate, including decor that you are less likely to use for an extended period.

Once you’ve gotten organized, you’ll get more use out of your seasonal decor and be able to remove your holiday gear once celebrations have passed.

4. Slowly Transition

Boxing, unboxing, and carefully placing your seasonal decor can frankly be a chore — and making a sharp transition from winter holiday decor to everyday items can leave your house feeling bare and lifeless. Instead of jumping into each season head first, start slowly transitioning as the weather changes (or as you get in the mood)!

For example, as summer comes to an end and fall draws near, you may want to start pulling out your brightest pieces and replacing them with your livelier, non-holiday-specific fall decor. Once you’re fully in the fall mood, remove your summer decor completely and swap it out for your full fall collection. Intermix holiday-specific decorations, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations — until winter arrives. Then, repeat the process!

5. Create Decor Vignettes

While it can be fun to sprinkle seasonal decor throughout your home, you can get the most bang for your buck and create visual interest by curating seasonal vignettes and displays. To start, layer in your seasonal decor — such as figurines, wreaths, framed photos, greenery, florals, and even seasonal scented candles — and intermix these items with your all-season decor staples to quickly create a cohesive but dazzling display.

Try topping your bookcases, mantle, or even creating a tablescape!

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