7 Everyday Tablescape Ideas

Step aside centerpieces — tablescapes are the new star of the show. These stunning table arrangements go beyond the confines of the basic centerpiece to include table cloths, place settings, flowers, candles, tiny decor, and more. 

While you commonly see tablescapes at weddings or holiday dinner parties, there’s no reason you can’t dress up your dining table with one of these arrangements for everyday use. Need help getting started? Check out these seven everyday tablescape tips.

1. Decide on a Theme

Every tablescape needs a theme, and this is the perfect opportunity to embrace your personal style and design tastes. Let your inner hippy shine with a boho tablescape that incorporates dark greenery, natural wood decor, and mason jar vases. Or, if you’re all about the rural vibes, put together a farmhouse tablescape with cotton linens, rustic accents, geometric centerpieces, and patterned plates.

2. Select a Focal Point

Along with a theme, you need a centerpiece to act as the focal point for your tablescape. Don’t be afraid to get creative and go beyond the standard flower vase. If you need inspiration for a farmhouse table centerpiece, find unique containers you can place flowers in, such as a worn wooden milk crate or a vintage pitcher. 

You can also forgo the floral arrangement altogether. A centerpiece bowl that matches your color scheme can be filled with fruits (real or fake), greenery, or stones. You can even leave it empty if you’re going for a more minimalist approach. Metal accents are a big tablescape trend, so gold centerpieces like small sculptures, candle holders, and geometric frames are great ideas. 

3. Tie In Existing Decor

You need to keep your existing decor in mind when creating a tablescape, especially if you’re trying to decorate a living room-dining room combo. Take the color palette you’re already using, and incorporate it into your tablescape. An easy way to do this is by matching your tablecloth or runner to your paint. You can also do the reverse and add decor to the room that ties back to your tablescape. For example, if you have a rustic tablescape, consider placing a large wood clock on a nearby wall.  

4. Go Big on Layers

Layering is a must if you want to create an eye-catching, everyday tablescape. Luckily, it’s pretty easy. Start with your tablecloth and layer on a chic runner. For your place settings, stack a few different sized (and hopefully different colored) plates and top them off with folded linen napkins. Candles can make a big statement, and a candle holder centerpiece is the perfect opportunity to add more layers. 

5. Bring In a Pop of Color

No matter your theme, you shouldn’t shy away from adding color. Many people use bright flowers as their colorful accent, but there are a few other creative ways you can accomplish this. If you have colorful dessert plates, you can add them to the top of your place settings. You can also incorporate a colorful centerpiece to draw attention. Lemon centerpieces make this easy. Simply find a bowl, crate, vase, or other container and fill it with carefully arranged lemons to bring in that pop of vibrant yellow. 

6. Mix Up Your Candles

Including candles in your tablescape doesn’t have to mean plain white candlesticks. Think outside the box and look for colorful candles that match your theme, and use candles of different heights to create dimension. You can even add decorative pillar candles with flowers, confetti, etching, and other designs. 

7. Include Seasonal Elements

Your tablescape is for everyday use, but you can still include seasonal elements. Find small decor that can easily be swapped out as months and seasons change. Think pumpkins in the fall, glass ornaments around Christmas, fresh flowers in summer, pastel candles in the spring, etc. This way, you don’t have to worry about redoing your entire tablescape if you have guests over for a holiday dinner.

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