Giddy Up and Embrace Cowboy Core in Your Home!

From Louis Vuitton to Beyoncé, Yellowstone to the red carpet, the “cowboy core” aesthetic is the latest iteration of a centuries-long fascination with the American West. Denim and fringe, boots and hats, rustic styling, and utilitarian details exemplify this style from the rodeo to the red carpet. Look carefully, though, and you’ll see that cowboy core never really goes away, and has remained a popular look for years on end.

So whether you want to cowboy core your whole home or just turn your bedroom into a cozy, Western-style retreat, this guide will help you bring the Wild West to your space!

Colors to Capture the Cowboy Aesthetic

Like a Southwestern desert style, cowboy core embraces the natural colors of the Western landscape. The main difference between Southwestern and cowboy core, though, is in the accents and the patterns.

Main Colors

For your primary colors – think walls and large pieces of furniture – stick to rich, earthy tones. Picture the shades of brown, beige, and dark yellow you’d find on tree bark, horse hair, saddle leather, a well-worn pair of chaps, rippling prairie grasses, and old barn wood. After that, you can include greens. Instead of emerald jewel tones, go for subdued greens like fragrant sagebrush and piñon pine needles.

Accent Colors

For accent colors on textiles, throw pillows, and accent walls, you can get a little more adventurous by bringing out the earthy shades mentioned above. Incorporate a pop of bandana red, lived-in denim, and the bright blue, endless skies of somewhere like Montana or even the big cities of Texas. You can also add a little Southwestern flair with a touch of turquoise.

Fabrics and Patterns For Western Decor

Fabrics and patterns elevate your design to the next level. These ideas will help elevate your cowboy core space.


What do you think of when you think of a real-deal cowboy? Probably livestock, horses, rugged gear, and the great outdoors. That’s precisely what you’re looking for in your cowboy core home, too.


Although they originated in mining, it’s impossible to separate the image of the American cowboy from a well-loved pair of blue jeans. Denim is an excellent fabric for accent pieces, but don’t go overboard.


Like a cowboy’s trusty gloves, boots, or horse tack, leather is also a key component of cowboy core. Luckily for you, leather furniture can have the same benefits as leather does for a cowboy: timeless durability that will stand the test of time and only improve with age.


Wool works just as well whether you’re herding sheep or snuggling up by a fire to watch your favorite movie. Wool blankets are a great touch to your Western living room.

Sheepskin and Hides

From a saddle pad to the jacket that keeps out a freezing Colorado blizzard, sheepskin is durable and warm. But you don’t have to go out and sheer any sheep for this fluff – sherpa fleece fabrics work just as well. Likewise, imitation animal hides, like a “cowhide” rug, can add a stunning touch to your space.


Cowboy core isn’t just about subdued earth tones, though. Sometimes, a cowboy has a splash of color and flair to shake things up, and you can, too!


There’s nothing like a cozy flannel shirt to cut the cold. Touches of plaid, especially on warm flannel, can break up bigger spaces of solid colors, such as a large leather sofa.

Vintage Rodeo-Inspired Patterns

Sometimes, cowboys get dressed up, too. If your space feels too brown, take inspiration from vintage rodeo pearl snap shirts, especially those of the 1990s. You can find every color of the rainbow in brilliant patterns that will inspire you.


Floral, for a cowboy? You read that right! But not just any floral will do. Think about a field of wildflowers on a mountainside — plenty of space in between, not overly busy, and assorted colors instead of just one.

Cowboycore Furniture

Now that you know the basics of cowboy core, let’s look at how you can make these a reality in your space.

Western Bedroom Ideas

For your Western bedroom, embrace wood furniture in natural tones. A wooden bed, dresser, and side tables can help ground your bedroom in the natural world. Try the patterns mentioned above for your linens, and include Western-inspired wall art to tie it all together.

Cowboy Up Your Living Room

Your living room is the perfect place to embrace those cowboy-esque fabrics: leather, wool, sheepskin, and a tiny touch of denim. A leather sofa or sectional is timeless, regardless of what style you’re looking for. A lovely wool blanket, a cozy rug, and art inspired by Western landscapes can help make the space coherent. For a pop of color, consider a throw pillow inspired by a red bandana or a field of wildflowers.

Western Home Decor for Dining Room/Kitchen

The dining room is your space to entertain and gather over food and drink. Don’t neglect it in your cowboy-ification! Much like the bedroom, wooden dining room furniture in more natural tones will be a great bet. Decorate with lace and fringe runners to add a touch of sophistication. Leather or suede cushions for your dining room chairs can add comfort and additional texture to the space.

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