6 Ways to Warm Up With Modern Ski Lodge Vibes

There’s nothing cozier than gathering in a chalet or ski lodge après ski with a group of friends, a crackling fire, a warm cup of cocoa, and soft blankets to bundle up in. The sound of laughter drowns out the wind and snow outside while your toes thaw in front of the fireplace. As winter rages on and you work on home improvements, you might ask: how do you bring those vibes to your home? By turning it into your very own ski lodge, of course!


How to Channel the Ski Lodge Vibes in Your Home


It doesn’t matter if you live in a little A-frame nestled in the mountains, in a tropical suburb, or in an apartment hundreds of miles away from the nearest hill. You can bring the best of your favorite chalet home with these six tips.


1. Opt for traditional ski chalet decor…


If your ideal ski chalet is more traditional, channel those themes into your home. Comfort, warmth, and vintage decor are the critical features of this look. Opt for darker-colored, timeless leather furniture and overstuffed sofas you simply can’t resist snuggling up in. For a traditional look, you can lean into kitschy decor with antique skis and snowshoes hanging on the wall. A poster of your favorite ski area will also be at home here.


2. …Or design a modern ski house.


If the idea of decorating with snowshoes makes you roll your eyes, you might be interested in a more modern design. Think of it as Scandinavian or Japandi plus; go for the brighter, lighter colors and wood with clean, modern edges. Seek a minimalist rendering of your favorite peaks or resorts, and stick to neutral colors for your extra-hygge blankets. Mirrors and many lamps can help brighten the space on even the darkest polar nights.


Bonus tip: Antique skis on the wall might feel too cluttered for a modern look, but consider simple, clean, visible storage of your own gear. Simple hooks on the wall can keep your gear close at hand for a pow day while still looking great!


3. Cozy is key for a ski lodge interior home.


Whether you lean towards a more modern or traditional design, one thing is for sure: you want your ski lodge-style home to be cozy! Inviting down comforters and warm blankets should be plentiful – consider a storage ottoman or repurposing an old basket to hold them in style.


Rugs can also help keep your space warm with high pile, fluffy styles, or faux fur. Match it to similarly-styled throw pillows to tie the room together and encourage your guests to get comfortable and stay awhile.


4. Don’t forget warmth and wood!


A rustic ski lodge interior often includes rich wood tones, such as wood panels or exposed beams in a cabin. While faux wood stick-on wallpaper is an option (be careful if you rent your apartment or home!), you can also bring the wood styles into your space through furniture. Heavy wood tables, end tables, and bookcases chock-full of outdoorsy guidebooks are a great addition. If you do have a fireplace, make sure to keep it well-stocked with firewood. If not, a fireplace screensaver on the TV and a woodsy candle will do the trick.


5. Make your ski house guest-ready.


No friends on a powder day? No way! One of the most important parts of a ski-inspired home is the people that fill it. If you have the space, a large dining room table is a fantastic place to start. Plentiful seating means you can welcome all your friends and family, whether they ski, snowboard, snowshoe, or are just here for the après. A bar cart with options for all ages and preferences will keep the party going, no matter how far you are from the hill.


6. Keep it fresh in the summer.


If you only visit the mountains in the winter, your fondest memories of your favorite cabin or chalet might be of deep snow and a cold nose. But the mountains don’t disappear with the spring melt! When the seasons change, transition your home, too. 


Swap some of your fluff for colors and florals reminiscent of the wildflowers that carpet your favorite mountain. Store the fuzziest and heaviest blankets and put out lighter, knitted throws. And if you don’t have a green thumb, even faux plants can help brighten the space.


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