How to Make a Living Room More Cozy

Creating a cozy living room is especially important during the holiday season, whether you’re spending the colder months hibernating indoors or hosting family for special celebrations! Learn how to turn up the coziness on your current living room design with these ten easy tips.

1. Find the Right Furniture

This is a big one: don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Even if you’re going for a modern look, there are plenty of comfortable and stylish options out there. Soften the space by removing sharp lines, like trading out that glass coffee table for an oversized ottoman. Purchasing second-hand furniture and distressing it yourself is an inexpensive way to achieve a homey, lived-in look.

2. Provide Plenty of Seating

For a large room, a sectional is ideal for filling the space, making it more intimate, and providing ample seating for family and friends—plus, it has plenty of room for pretty throw pillows. Add additional seating with accent chairs and large, comfy floor pillows (which can easily be stored when company isn’t around). Set up the seating so conversation is encouraged instead of pointing everything at the television.

3. Create Cozy with Color

Too many — or too loud — colors can make a room feel stressful and chaotic, while too little of it can make the space feel sterile. Pick a color palette of one base color and two to three accent colors and stick to it. Staple pieces should be neutral, while accent pieces, like pillows, lamps, or wall art, can introduce pops of color.

4. Incorporate Blankets and Throw Pillows

What’s cozier than curling up on the sofa nestled among plush pillows and snuggled in a big, soft blanket? Not only are decorative pillows and throw blankets uber cozy, but they are also an easy way to add interesting textures and pops of color to the room, which you can also use to cozy up the room.

5. Hang Floor-Length Curtains

Adorning your windows with floor-to-ceiling curtains makes a room feel larger without it feeling empty. On the contrary, a textured fabric, whether it’s a plush velvet or airy linen, can help create the vibe you want. Keep them open during the day to fill the room with pleasant natural light and close them at night to chill out.

6. Layer Your Rugs

If you have tile or hardwood floors, an area rug creates a warm and inviting space. Pile on the cozy by layering a one area rug on top of another. Mix textures and use contrasting but coordinating colors or patterns to create dimension.

7. Light a Fire

Nothing creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, quite like the light, smell, and warmth of a fire. If you don’t have the luxury of a fireplace, no worries! Candles can have the same warming effect — especially if it smells of pumpkin spice or warm cinnamon.

8. Add a Personal Touch

Inviting others into your space can become more friendly and welcoming when they can catch a glimpse of your life. Let your guests get to know you through photos and artwork that’s significant to you. These finishing touches also provide go-to talking points for easy conversation.

9. Be a Thoughtful Decorator

As you decorate for the holidays, trade out everyday décor with the seasons, so you’re not creating clutter. Likewise, choosing a theme, such as whites and metallics, can help you create a classic holiday home. Additionally, if you’re going to have a flock of children running around, put fragile objects out of reach!

10. Be a Warm and Cozy Host

Keep the room tidy to avoid a stressful atmosphere but let your house look like you live there. It’s OK if your kid’s soccer cleats are in the corner or you haven’t quite finished decking the halls. If you’re stressing about what your home looks like, that stress is likely to rub off on your guests. Remember, it’s not just the furniture and décor that what makes a room cozy—regardless of how comfortable your home is, you’re the one who will set the mood and make your guests feel truly welcome!

You don’t need to break the bank or completely redesign your home to make it feel cozier! With some smart decor essentials and cozy, gently used living room furniture, making your house feel “homey” is affordable and accessible! Visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet to cozy up your space before your guests arrive.