Why (and How) You Should Start Decorating With Green

After years of variations on beige, greige, and every white hue from vanilla to frost — color is an emerging theme of today’s trends. If you’re color-cautious (or adhere to a more minimalistic style), decorating with green is a perfect way to dip your toe back into the color wheel. 


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Use this guide to learn why and how you should start decorating with green.

Why Decorate With Green? 

Green Can Function as a Color-Neutral 

Green is a “color-neutral”, meaning it can function much like any traditional neutral hue. Green is considered a color-neutral because it mixes and matches with other colors effortlessly — you can find a shade to suit any color pallet. 

Because of its versatility, green decor is easy to mix in with your existing decor — whether your home is comprised of primarily bold and bright hues or subdued neutrals. 

Green Can Help You Create Focus and Relaxation 

Green is easy to mix and match because it’s one of the most predominant colors in nature. However, primarily green interior design may also have some positive physical and psychological effects, too — exposure to a green environment might help you feel more relaxed and focused. 

Green Has Positive Connotations 

Green is a color that also carries many positive associations. The color green is often associated with themes of nature, growth, health, generosity, and financial prosperity — all good things to attract. 

How to Decorate With Green

Select a Shade to Match Your Aesthetic 

Selecting the right shade of green for each room in your space is the key to enhancing your style. First, consider the mood and vibe of each room. If you’re looking to add a relaxing feel, reach for nature-inspired greens and light, muted tones — such as a pale green sage. If you’re craving something luxe, take inspiration from emerald green interior design and opt for a rich, deep shade. Vibrant greens (think lime or chartreuse) can bring energy to your space and complement any bustling space.

Play With Other Colors  

Using green accents can help create flow and transition between rooms. Even if you opt to go big and bold in one space in maximalist fashion and subtle and sleek in another, green accents can help maintain a cohesive look. 

Depending upon the look you’re going for, you can pair green with white or black for a classic and clean look, create a naturalistic feel by pairing green with earth tones, or go for a bold and vibrant look by pairing green with pink, orange, red, or violet. The options are endless. 

Incorporate Plants (Real or Faux) 

Plants are one of the easiest ways to incorporate green into your home. Consider topping your bookshelves or entry table with potted greenery. Fill up that awkward corner in your living room (and make a style statement) with a large palm or a fiddle leaf fig. Don’t have a green thumb, or perhaps you have curious pets? Achieve the same look without the upkeep by dotting your home with faux plants

Add in Green Accents 

From green decor to woodland-inspired wall art, there are plenty of ways to accent with shades of green. Consider adding in nature-inspired green wall decor, a patterned green rug, or placing green throw pillows on your couch, bed, or armchair. For the avid DIYer, consider upcycling green bottles into bud vases or creating tablescapes using fresh-picked seasonal greenery. 

Go Green With a Feature Wall 

Create a focal point and enhance your space with a green feature wall. Create a gallery wall using artwork or photographs that prominently feature green. Or, opt to make a statement with patterned wallpaper or tile — peel-and-stick options are perfect for the indecisive and renters alike. 

Choose a Green Statement Piece

A green statement piece can make an impact without overwhelming your space. A green armchair, chaise, couch, or even a painted piece of furniture can instantly liven any room. 

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