8 Easy Summer DIY Home Decor Projects

When the heat index is at a record high, your will to go outside hits an all-time low. The fix? You need some indoor activities to keep you busy! Beat the heat and spice up your home’s style with these easy DIY projects for home décor!

Easy Craft Ideas for the Home: Liven Up the Living Room

1. No-Sew Pillow Covers

Summer is bursting with color. Why shouldn’t your home be filled with bright colors, too? Jazz up your sofa or an accent chair with no-sew pillow covers! Heat-activated sewing tape makes this project a snap, and you can even use pillows you already have around the house. Check out this tutorial from HGTV for full instructions.

2. Candlestick Mantle Décor

It’s time to stop staring at an empty mantle. Dress up your living room’s focal point with an easy DIY project for your home! All you need is a set of candlesticks and a can of spray paint. Shop used home décor stores for candlesticks you like, then spray paint them in the color of your choice. Choose gold for an air of sophistication, or make a bold move with bright orange or turquoise. Add a small grouping of your candlesticks to one end of the mantle for a minimalistic look, or use them as accents on either side of statement-making wall art.

DIY Crafts for Home Decor: Make Your Dining Room Delicious

3. DIY Display Shelves with Secondhand Furniture

Need easy DIY projects for the home that will make a significant impact? Dress up an existing piece of furniture with a dose of personality. A simple bookcase becomes a show stopping display shelf with the help of some inexpensive patterned contact paper. Shop CORT Furniture Outlet’s selection of second hand furniture to find a classic bookshelf. Then, apply your patterned paper to the back of the bookshelf’s interior space. Use your stunning new display shelves to show off dinnerware, beloved art, books, or even plants.

4. One-of-a-Kind Centerpiece

Nothing can make a dining room feel put together like a classy table centerpiece. And believe it or not, it couldn’t be easier to make your own! Start with a tray or basket (choose one that’s about one-third the width and length of your table for proper scale!) and layer in other accessories of various shapes, sizes, and textures to create a one-of-a-kind statement on your dining room table.

Not sure if you have the creative skill to make it happen? Search online for inspiration images, then add or take away accessories until you like the look. Make it even easier by shopping high-quality used home décor items like vases and faux plants at CORT Furniture Outlet!

Easy DIY Projects for Home and Bathroom Updates

5. DIY Wall Storage with Baskets

Your bathroom is short on storage — and style. Let’s fix both. Rather than installing shelving (too much measuring!), hang a few flat-bottomed baskets on the wall. Place the bottom of the basket toward the wall, and use sturdy hooks to hold it in place. Store towels or additional supplies in your basket, or prop a fun piece of art on top for a funky (and functional) gallery wall.

6. Make Your Own Candles

Think style only comes from what you see? Think again. Engage all of your senses with a DIY candle for your bathroom (check out this tutorial from The Spruce for full instructions). Place your handcrafted candle on the bathroom counter with a small lamp or plant, and indulge in the cozy vibes while taking a warm bath.

Think Outside the House: DIY Projects for Outdoor Home Decor

7. Solar-Powered Lamp

When the sun goes down, it’s finally cool enough to sit outside. Create some ambiance after dark with a DIY solar-powered outdoor lamp. Shop gently-used home décor for a lamp you love, then remove the electrical wiring and replace it with a solar lantern. You’ll feel right at home in your fantastic outdoor living room — no messy electrical cords required. Now all you need is a comfy outdoor lounge chair to kick your feet up and relax under the stars.

8. DIY Planters

When you want easy DIY crafts for home décor, spray paint is your best friend. Transform a plain terracotta, ceramic, or plastic container into a unique planter with a few coats of spray paint in your favorite color, then scatter them around your outdoor space for a boho vibe. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. Faux plants are just as beautiful as indoor blooms — and totally low-maintenance.

Start Your DIY Project with High-Quality Used Furnishings

Whether you want to break out the craft tools or just rearrange and update your furniture for a new look, CORT Furniture Outlet has the inspiration you need! From accent furniture and art to faux plants and lamps, you’re sure to find the perfect statement piece to kick off your room’s DIY transformation. Shop high-end secondhand furniture and beautiful used home décor online, then pick up your items at your nearest CORT Furniture Outlet location.