Top Ways to Style Pillows on a Sofa

When it comes to adding style to your living room, your couch is like a blank canvas — full of possibilities! Throw pillows are a great way to personalize and add beautiful details to your space, but it’s essential to use them wisely. If you’re ready to learn how to style pillows on a couch, read on for a few tricks of the trade that can transform your living room without breaking the bank.

How to Choose Throw Pillows for a Sofa

1. Look for inspiration.

Ready to learn how to choose throw pillows for sofa décor? Don’t go shopping just yet! You likely use your sofa daily, so it’s vital to find pillows you actually like — and ones that will go with the style of your living room. Try scrolling through photos of living rooms on Pinterest or browsing pillows online to see what draws your eye.

If you notice any themes — like bright colors, striped patterns, or tassels — in your favorite photos, keep those in mind as you shop. Whether you’re shopping for a new couch or need to know how to choose throw pillows for a sofa you already own, try searching for images of specific-colored sofas to see what kinds of pillows look best with the couch you’re considering (or the one you have).

2. Start big…

Not sure what size pillows to use for couch décor? Start with two larger throw pillows. The exact size you should choose will vary depending on the size of your couch, but a good rule of thumb is to have these two “anchor” pillows take up one-fourth to one-third of the visual width of your couch.

If your sofa is oversized or you have a sectional, start with three (or even four!) “anchor” pillows. Once you find anchor pillows you like, place them on either end of your sofa (with one or two in the center for larger sofas). Next, you can incorporate more shapes, patterns, and textures between these larger pillows, leading us to our following tip.

3. … then vary your sizes and shapes.

You want your pillows to look intentionally styled, but that doesn’t have to mean “matchy-matchy!” Here’s how to style cushions on a couch without matching everything: let your large pillows serve as visual anchors for your couch and provide symmetry, and everything in between can infuse personality!

When choosing additional pillows, look for different shapes, sizes, and textures. For example, if your large pillows are square, look for slightly smaller round or rectangular pillows to fill in the middle of your sofa.

4. Change up your patterns.

Want to know how to mix and match pillows on a sofa? When choosing pillows with different patterns, ensure they all have a similar color background or accent incorporated, such as off-white or cool blue.

You don’t need to match the colors exactly, but to create a cohesive look, you’ll want to keep your prominent pillow colors in the same family. Bold patterns can be wonderful, but limit yourself to one or two bold patterns, and keep the rest of your patterns subtle (or choose solid fabrics). Limit yourself to either three or five total throw pillows to keep things from looking busy. (Pro-tip: an odd number of accent cushions usually looks better than an even number!)

5. Incorporate texture.

Who says monochromatic has to be boring?! If you gravitate toward solid throw pillows rather than patterned ones, you can still learn how to decorate your sofa with pillows and add style! Rather than mixing and matching patterns, change up the texture of your pillows instead.

Choose pillows in one color family, then look for pillow fabrics that are different from one another. Look for cushions with knitted fabric or bobbles, and pair them with solid-colored, soft linen pillows for contrast. You can still incorporate patterns to keep things from looking too one-dimensional, but keep patterns subtle rather than loud if you’re combining multiple textures.

6. Take cues from your art or surrounding decor.

Do you love your living room paint color and the chair you have in the corner? Maybe you have a beloved piece of wall art hanging over your sofa (psst, art is a great way to add a focal point and make your space feel luxurious and cohesive!). If so, use throw pillows to draw attention to those elements even more! A solid pillow that pulls color from a painting is a beautiful way to complement your art. Choosing pillows with similar colors to other furniture or decorative elements within the room can pull together a sophisticated look in no time.

How to Style Pillows on a Couch: Start With the Perfect Canvas!

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