Upgrade Your Room with 6 Inexpensive Ideas

When you love to change things up regularly in your home decor, decorating can quickly become an expensive habit. You want to keep up with trends and refresh your home’s look, but breaking the bank isn’t an option! Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to upgrade and redesign a bedroom for cheap. Read on for our top tips and inexpensive items to upgrade your room on any budget.

How to Upgrade Your Room without Upsizing Your Budget

1. Pile on the pillows.

When you’re looking for bedroom upgrades on a budget, start with the room’s central fixture: the bed. Throw pillows and plush linens can take your bed—and entire bedroom—to a new level of coziness in an instant. It’s nearly impossible to have too many, so load up your mattress with coordinating cushions and pillows in varying shapes and sizes for visual interest. Have an accent chair in your room? It deserves a pillow, too! Drape a soft blanket over the back of it and enjoy your refreshed bedroom seating area.

2. Welcome some wall art.

It’s called “statement art” for a reason… and a big piece hanging on your wall will certainly speak for itself! Keep things fresh and add a dose of color with a large wall hanging or framed art. If you’re thinking, “Big art means a big price tag,” think again! Shop CORT Furniture Outlet’s selection of wall art for masterpieces that pack a punch and save you cash.

3. Light up your life with new lamps.

Are you looking for a posh and relaxing vibe in your bedroom? That builder-grade overhead light isn’t doing you any favors. Lamps are the perfect cheap items to upgrade your room’s look and feel. Want to turn that comfy chair into a reading nook? Just add a lamp. Need more light for picking out each day’s outfit? A chic floor lamp turns a corner of your room into your very own dressing room. To ensure you’ll have the right light fixtures for your ideal aesthetic, check out our guide to choosing clearance lamps before you shop.

4. Win the day with window treatments.

Is your bedroom feeling “blah”? Add some texture, pattern, or color with curtains. Curtains are among the easiest bedroom upgrades on a budget—both now and in the future. Let’s say you add new geometric patterned curtains to your bedroom now but want to change them out for something solid in a few months. Easy! Mount a curtain rod once (be sure to hang them high and wide to make your room feel larger!), then change your curtains with the seasons as your heart desires. And, as a bonus, curtains may help block light from your windows so you can get a better night’s sleep. That’s a bedroom upgrade in every sense of the word!

5. Ramp up your style with a rug.

All too often, we underestimate the impact that the floor can have on a room’s feel. It’s time we change that! After all, the floor is one of the most significant surface areas in your bedroom, and it’s one of the best opportunities to add style. Treat your feet and redesign your bedroom for cheap with a bold rug from CORT Furniture Outlet.

6. Go for some green.

Most any room can benefit from something green, right? Living plants are lovely, but for those of us with a black thumb, they’ll only serve as décor for a few weeks (if we’re lucky… oops!). If you don’t have enough light in your bedroom for a real plant—or enough time to care for one—shop high-quality faux greenery instead. You’ll still get that trendy “urban jungle” feel without the mess or maintenance.

Bedroom Upgrades on a Budget with CORT Furniture Outlet

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