7 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

With climbing inflation and a cost of living increase of almost 6% from 2021, buying a home may be out of the question for many. While owning a home has its benefits, renting a property means no down payment, no maintenance costs, and a more flexible lifestyle.

But home is still home. And living in a beige and bland rental property does not have to be your situation for the foreseeable future. If you’re wondering, “Can you renovate a house that you are renting?”, be aware that alterations to your rental property come with limitations. However, with a little out-of-the-box thinking and a DIY mindset, there are easy, non-permanent ways to personalize your rental without upsetting your landlord.

Read on for seven pre-approved renter-friendly ways to upgrade your rental at no permanent cost.

Renter Friendly Upgrades

Before you dive into Pinterest and lose yourself in endless mood boards, talk to your landlord. Most rentals have rules against paint, nails, and changing light fixtures. It’s best to get ahead of yourself and ask for the dos and don’ts of your rental property.  

1. Start With the Entryway

If you are going to invest in any area of your rental property, invest in an entryway refresh. And if you don’t have a proper “foyer” space, create the illusion of one.

This entryway is the gateway to your home. It should reflect your personality and be a functional landing spot for coming and going. If you have little to no space, a bench with baskets underneath for storage will define the area while keeping it organized and minimal. If you have the room, think about buying an accent table or console table and adding a lamp and vases to welcome you in.

Want to make the entrance feel larger without knocking anything down? Add a wall mirror. It will aesthetically open the room and is perfect for catching a look at yourself before you run out the door. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to distinguish an entryway that will set the tone for the rest of your rental.

2. Relocate Furniture For a New Look

Some long-term rentals come fully furnished. Putting furniture in storage is another additional budget item you don’t need. Instead, adapt. Take a look around at what you have and repurpose it. Whether you move the sofa to the other side of the room or change out the bench in your bedroom for your office, repurposing your furniture for different needs is a creative way to save money while personalizing your already furnished rental.

Or choose to add on with new pieces. Spice up your dining table with mix-and-match dining chairs. Replace boring blinds with textured drapes or colorful curtains. Thinking a little outside of the conventional box will lead you to some inexpensive ways to play on what you already have.

3. Creative Storage Hacks With a Twist

If you’re moving for work, downgrading your space for your rental isn’t great for all of your stuff. Investing in furniture with storage makes rental living functional. Use stools with hidden storage for extra throws and pillows or coffee tableswith drawers that you can pick the perfect hardware for.

If floor space is limited, floating shelves can make the impractical practical. Strategically placed floating shelves can replace a bulky bookshelf and add some flare to negative wall space. Plus, you can place them anywhere. No headboard? Hang a floating shelf above your bed to double as a bookshelf and plant holder.

4. Freestanding Movable Storage

If you really want a rental to feel like home, you should get to know your neighbors. What better way to get familiar with your new friends than over a cocktail? Stowaway bar carts can go anywhere — pull it out for social nights and tuck them away day to day.

5. Update Your Lighting

If your landlord says no to big changes, brighten up your rental with the easiest solution of switching out old lightbulbs. The second easiest add on- lamps. Make good use of lamps to add flare to spaces that may be dull. If you don’t have much natural light coming in, placing different light sources throughout the space will add character to a lifeless room.  Also great to have for work-from-home purposes to specify workspaces.

And if by chance your landlord gives you the green light for a more permanent change, swap out some light fixtures. You can turn around an outdated rental unit with a modern light fixture to set the mood of the home your way.

6. Non-Permanent Accessories

Speaking of outdated, there’s nothing more old-fashioned than aged cabinets. It’s not your forever home but staring at worn-out cabinet handles every day can become a drag. Swapping out your cabinet handles and hardware is easy to do (and requires no outside work). With so many finishes and styles to choose from, you can transform your kitchen space(or bathroom) without notifying your landlord.

You can step it up a notch with easy-to-remove peel-and-stick wallpaper that will have people wondering if you hired an interior designer. Easy to apply yourself and easy to remove, you can create an accent wall in the living room for a pop of color. With so many different styles and designs popping up all over the market, you can opt-out of wallpaper and instead, tile your bathroom or kitchen with stick and peel wall tiles.

7. And Lastly, Plants

Nothing brings life (literally) to a space like plants. And they don’t just look good; indoor plants are good for us. Indoor plants help purify the air and some can neutralize harmful airborne substances.

Talk with a local flower shop or grow store to learn about what plants are best for in-home and how to properly care for them. No green thumb? Opt for faux plants instead to get the look.

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