Refresh Your Entryway with These 5 Tips

The entryway is the most transitory room in your house. And often the most overlooked when it comes to planning and design. 

We like to say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but your entryway is your home’s first impression. Not only should it look good, but your entryway should be just as functional as it is stylish. Whether it’s donned with lofty 9-foot ceilings or is the first small step into a studio apartment, crafting a welcoming entryway that suits your lifestyle should be a top priority in your home design. 

Have no fear. Sprucing up your entryway doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are five redesign tips to help your home’s entrance make a statement. 

1. Plan out your space

First things first: size does matter. The layout of your entryway will dictate where and what you can use to amplify the most function out of the space. You don’t want to make a smaller space feel even smaller by over-stuffing your entryway with too much furniture or decor. 

Working around fixed elements like doors, walls, closets, and window treatments will be your first item on the agenda. 

2. Create a landing point 

Here is where we establish form with function. Keys, mail, wallet, dog leash; all the travel essentials you need to be at your fingertips before leaving home. A simple entry console can organize your personal belongings with added space for storage underneath. Don’t undervalue the impact of woven baskets for shoe storage and hooks for jackets and purses. Maximize your space to keep away clutter and streamline your front room so everything has its rightful place.

If you have a wider entryway, try incorporating a bench. One of our favorite modern entryway bench ideas: top your bench with decorative baskets and playful throw pillows to create a space that’s both stylish and provides functional storage. For a touch of life and color, add in low-maintenance faux plants

But remember: In small spaces, less is often more — and leaves more room for a touch of personality that can easily tie into the aesthetic of your home. Add a pop of color with accent décor or personalize with a family photo to make the entryway truly your own. 

3. Let there be light

Square footage does not have to dim your light. Proper lighting can make a significant difference in your entryway. Small basics like wall sconces can add texture to a bare wall in limited space. Or in need of a quicker fix? Table lamps play with shape, color, and pattern to accentuate the frame of the console. 

And don’t be afraid to layer your lighting. Suppose you’re dealing with an open space concept. In that case, overhead pendant lighting can balance the room’s focal point while making a bold statement. 

 4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Looking for entryway wall decor ideas? Look no further than decorative mirrors. With the proper placement, an entryway mirror can create the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. Whether you think you need it or not, a well-placed mirror can trick you (and your guests) into seeing double.  Plus, decorative mirrors are practical. It doesn’t hurt to have one last place to check up on yourself before leaving the house. And gives your guests a chance to spruce up before they come inside. 

There are plenty of entryway mirror ideas to choose from, but we’d suggest trying using one bold statement mirror or creating a gallery wall incorporating artwork and multiple small decorative mirrors. 

5. Add texture with rugs

Entryway rugs are both practical and attractive. An entryway rug is an excellent solution for protecting hardwood flooring in a high-traffic area.  Your entryway rug can help keep the rest of your house clean, especially if you’re dealing with children and dogs and cats (or whatever else may find its way in). 

On the not-so-practical side, rugs are a quick way to liven up the space with different colors, textures, and pattern options. Like artwork on your walls, the rug you choose can add depth and dimension to any space. However, you should practically choose whether an area rug or runner is best suited for your entryway. Be sure to select a rug that suits your space and avoid common area rug mistakes

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