How to Decorate Your Screened-In Porch on a Budget

Congratulations, you’ve screened-in your porch! From dining al-fresco to watching the big game, a screened-in porch acts as an extension of your home. And, with the right setup, you’re likely to find yourself outdoors more often than you do indoors. So, what exactly do you need to transform your new space from blah to beautiful? Check out these budget-friendly decorating ideas and make your screened-in porch the place to gather. 

A Screened-In Porch vs. a Windowed Sunroom

There are two types of screened in porches: a traditional screened in porch, and an all-weather screened in porch. A traditional open-air screened porch functions more like a traditional patio or deck, with the added benefit of bug and sun protection.

On the other hand, a sunroom or an all-weather screened-in porch with windows feels more like an indoor space. With a windowed porch or sunroom, you have the ability to open and close the windows as you see fit, allowing you to avoid the elements and have more control over the temperature. Therefore, a sunroom with traditional glass-paned windows makes for a versatile space that can be used year-round, even through a harsh winter. 

Determine the Furniture You’ll Need for Your Space

Consider Outdoor, Weather-Resistant Furniture for Screened-In Porches

The type of screened-in porch you have will play a large role in determining what kind of furniture and decor you select. For example, a traditional screened-in porch will need weatherproof outdoor furniture and hardy decor as it may be exposed to rain, snow, wind, sun, and drastic temperature changes. Therefore, you’ll need to select durable patio seating, outdoor dining tables and chairs, and decor designed with the outdoors in mind. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Indoor Furniture in Your Sunroom

With a glassed-in sun porch or window-enclosed porch, you’ll have more flexibility with your furnishings, decor, and electronics — just remember to open and close the windows when you’re not using your space! Being able to close off your space from the elements at will allows you to dabble in traditional home furnishings and select from materials that are typically only indoor-safe. Still, be cautious when choosing your indoor-outdoor furnishings, as too much direct sunlight can quickly fade vibrant fabrics. 

Once you have an understanding of what types of furnishings you should select from and a vision for how you would like to use your new space, you can begin to choose your furniture and decor. Depending upon the amount of space you have, you may be able to pull from multiple concepts to create your ultimate open-air space. Here are a few ideas to get you started! 

4 Decor Ideas for Your Screened-In Porch

Relaxing Reading Nook

Bookworms can make use of a screened-in porch by creating a cozy lounge area. Create a reading nook where you can stretch out on a chaise lounge or curl up with a blanket in a comfy armchair. Then, place a coffee table or end table nearby so you can sip your coffee between page turns — all while enjoying a comfortable, cool breeze. 

Create privacy with a room divider or large outdoor curtain. Incorporate a few tall plants (real or faux) and decor pieces next to your room divider for a look that’s sure to dazzle. Layer a large area rug underneath it all to create texture and interest. Toss a comfy throw and pillows onto your seating, and get ready to enjoy your tranquil new space.  

Dining al Fresco

Foodies may want to opt for an outdoor dining area, so get prepared to gather with your friends and family with an outdoor dining table and chairs. 

Looking for quick and budget-friendly ways to elevate your new dining space? Set the scene with lighting. From fairy lights to lanterns, there are multiple outdoor-safe lighting options to choose from. 

Create a cafe vibe by hanging string lights from the ceiling, or top an end table with a battery or solar-powered lantern. Tuck in a few plants and top your dining table with easy-to-clean coordinating placemats.

Follow these tips, and your home will quickly become the go-to spot for swapping stories over sangria and tapas.

Sporting Excitement

Sports fanatics rejoice! With a few tricks, you can create a weather-proof entertainment console and enjoy the action from a comfortable outdoor seating area. 

Whether you mount your flatscreen or choose to enclose it in a weatherproof cabinet, you’ll need to center your furniture to allow for a good viewing experience. To create a living-room feel perfect for gameday, place an outdoor sofa and chairs in a U shape around a large area rug. 

Create fun for the whole family and emulate a tailgate experience with a large Jenga set, ring toss game, or even a small putting green. For a fun sports-themed touch, purchase a locker system to store your home tailgating goods when they’re not in use. 

Looking to incorporate your favorite team’s colors? Paint your outdoor furniture and stock up on flannel blankets in your team’s colors. Get prepped for winter games by purchasing an outdoor heater and you’ll be set to enjoy your screened-in porch year-round. 

Comfortable Lounge

Whether you prefer to unwind solo or play host to your crew’s next get-together, an outdoor lounge area is a great way to use your screened-in porch. Go for a matching set, like a fashionable outdoor sofa, and matching armchairs. Don’t hesitate to layer on textured throws and decorative pillows. Complete the look with a coffee table and end tables topped with decor and plants. If you have a large space to fill, a small bar-height table and barstools provide additional seating — and create a bar-like atmosphere. 

Cocktail aficionados will appreciate this budget-friendly touch of a bar cart. A stocked bar cart not only adds interest and a luxurious feel, but it will keep you from running back and forth to the kitchen to refill your drinks!

Create Your Dream Screened-In Space with CORT Furniture Outlet 

Whether you choose to create a place to socialize or a reclusive escape, having an open-air oasis is a surefire way to add value and utility to your home. No matter what direction you decide to take with your screened-in porch, CORT Furniture Outlet can help make your porch beautiful and functional! Visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet today to explore the latest inventory of outdoor dining sets, lounge furniture, patio sets, and more! 

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