Core Core: Our 5 Favorite Types of Aesthetics Right Now

It seems like the internet has a knack for tossing the word “-core” at the end of any noun and calling it an aesthetic. It can be hard to track all the different types of aesthetics, especially if you’re trying to keep your home decor timeless.


If you’re looking to refresh your home but want to ensure that your new look has staying power, these are our favorite up-to-date aesthetics with timeless elements.

1. Cottagecore


What is cottagecore decor?

Picture a fairytale cottage. It’s romantic, full of lace and flowers, and it can be hard to tell where the house starts and the garden ends. This is cottagecore: embracing the beauty of nature, whimsy, and a slower lifestyle.


Elements of a cottagecore house

Cottagecore embraces soft, pastel colors and natural elements. Lace, floral patterns, and wood are staples of a home decorated in the cottagecore aesthetic. Cottagecore may even remind you of 90’s whimsigoth.


To keep your cottagecore space timeless, focus on wood furniture in more natural tones. Pair this furniture with textiles that evoke the softer side of nature, including romantic and floral prints. Coziness is critical, so don’t forget to pile on the blankets and pillows! Finally, embrace the whimsy of cottagecore with fun decor, including handmade items, embroidery, and even the occasional woodland creature motif.


2. Weirdcore


What is weirdcore?

Weirdcore embodies the surreal, strange, and uncanny. Distorted images, slightly post-apocalyptic, and dream-like vibes take precedence. Much of weirdcore is about the feelings items evoke – slightly unsettling and embracing chaos.


Elements of a weirdcore home

One of the beautiful things about weirdcore is how subjective it is. You might prefer a weirdcore aesthetic that uses dark colors and more retro-futuristic themes. At the same time, a brightly colored cyberpunk home could be just as weirdcore! Quirky color schemes, Y2K themes, funky found decor, and weird furniture are the primary elements.


Weirdcore might sound like a decor scheme that could look dated quickly. However, it’s just a modern name for styles that have existed for decades. To keep it fresh, consider focusing on bright accents, mixing and matching colors such as yellow and lime green. Mix textures throughout your home, hang bizarre wall art, and keep your primary furniture more basic.


3. Dreamcore


What is dreamcore?

Dreamcore is a close cousin of weirdcore but softer and more whimsical. Where your weirdcore home might have dark, slightly creepy themes, a dreamcore home evokes the feeling of living inside a dream. Hazy imagery, slightly magical elements, and pastel tones rule.


Elements of a dreamcore house

Dreamcore should transport you to a happy, soft place. Your focus should be on overstuffed seating decorated with pastel-colored accents, fantastical decor, and soft lighting. Fun shapes, lots of mirrors, and cozy textiles should be included.


4. Goblincore


What is goblincore?

Goblincore might sound wacky and chaotic, but that’s not quite the case. Goblins are a mainstay in fantasy stories, and this is more of the idea: magical nature, enchanting settings, and a slightly eclectic twist.


Elements of a goblincore home

A goblincore home is based in the natural world. Earthy tones, sturdy furniture, and a magical feel are necessary. Look for decor that includes elements you might find on the forest floor while foraging: moss, mushrooms, critters, and trinkets. 


Remember to shamelessly display your favorite rocks, crystals, and even bug specimens as decor. Stick to darker wood tones for staple furniture like beds, dressers, and tables.


5. Cluttercore


What is cluttercore?

Think of cluttercore as a response to minimalism. It is organized chaos in a lived-in home, enjoying the charm of beloved personal items and utilizing most surfaces as pieces of self-expression. Cluttercore shuns the idea that a clean, bare space is the epitome of peace and instead welcomes the chaos of “normal” life. The end goal is spontaneous and joyful yet curated.


Elements of a cluttercore home

Cluttercore walks a fine line between eclectic bohemia and mess. Focus on layered, assorted textures and patterns with some connecting element, such as a particular color. Celebrate your individuality with your favorite colors, fabrics, and even silly pieces (like that giraffe-shaped lamp you adore but sits in storage). 


Make your home feel cozy and inviting with lots of seating for guests, bookshelves for your collections, and visible storage for items like blankets.


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