What You Need to Create a 90s Bedroom Aesthetic

Your wardrobe finally has all of the vintage staples you could dream of. Your playlists are dominated by electro-pop and grunge throwback tunes. You’re living life in a 90s state of mind, and it’s time your space showed it! Check out these trendy 90s room decor ideas and create the retro bedroom of your dreams.

How to Create the Ultimate 90s Bedroom

For many, interior design in the 90s was full of plaid, traditional rugs, and fake plants. But for your bedroom? You’re leaning into the coolest parts of the 90s. Whether you love grunge vibes or a sweet-and-simple pastel look, here’s everything you need for a 90s bedroom aesthetic.

1. An eclectic color palette

Think everything has to match in your 90s bedroom? Think again. The 90s were an eclectic time in interior design, which leaves you free to mix and match as you choose. Bright pastel colors scream “90s aesthetic,” or you can choose a beige paint color for your bedroom walls to keep things in a “neutral but retro” zone with subtle 90s grunge vibes.

2. Plenty of mood lighting

Is any 90s bedroom aesthetic complete without a lava lamp or a disco ball? No way! Of course, you could go modern and add color-changing LED lights, too. For your desk or bedside, opt for a funky floor lamp. Either way, you need to be able to kill the overhead lights and crank up the vibes, so choose your 90s bedroom lighting accordingly. 

3. Wall decor & art prints

Let’s be honest here: 90s bedroom decor gave rise to the *best* kind of gallery wall — pop culture mixed with art. Start by placing your artwork (or decorative mirrors) first. Then, gather all the movie posters, hip-hop album covers, and boy band magazine clips you can get your hands on, and use your walls to create your very own pop culture shrine. The best part? You don’t even need frames. 

4. Anything space-themed

We’ve all seen that celestial-themed bedroom set floating around on TikTok — you know the one! Put your own space vibes into your room with a moon-shaped neon light, starry sheets and covers, or spice up the ceiling with stick-up glow-in-the-dark stars above your bed. 

5. Nostalgic knick-knacks

The 90s weren’t exactly an era of minimal interior design. Embrace the nostalgia of knick-knacks like quirky ceramic figurines, kitschy seasonal decor, and meaningful memorabilia. Display your thrifted finds on a new-to-you bookshelf and watch your collection grow!

6. Retro electronics 

Your 90s bedroom isn’t just for looks! Add in a few retro electronics like video game systems, a boom box, or a big, boxy TV to immerse yourself in the true 90s experience. Don’t think a retro TV fits your vibe? Watch 90s hits on your Apple TV or DVD player and pair modern tech with vintage finds — that Nintendo 64 plays just as well on a flatscreen

7. Statement furniture (neon or inflatable, if you dare!)

Every 90s bedroom needs a comfy chair, and a lime green faux fur sling chair fits the bill perfectly. However, any good accent chair will do. Toss a funky colorful throw pillow in your chair for the ultimate 90s vibe in a reading nook or hangout corner. And hey, if you have the space, add an extra dose of nostalgia with a bright inflatable chair (just don’t expect it to be super comfy, if we’re honest).

90s Room Decor Ideas on a Budget

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