How to Mix Vintage Decor with Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture ideas dominate your Pinterest board, but you also have a penchant for charming, vintage-inspired accents. What to do? If you’re unsure of how to incorporate vintage decor into your modern living spaces, check out this guide on mixing furniture and decor styles.

Consider Design Concepts

By being strategic with your home’s interior, you can avoid much of the headache that comes with decorating a unique space. From implementing color themes to balancing out the dimensions of decor and furniture pieces, planning ahead can ensure a seamless process and keep you from purchasing items that are ill-fitted to your design style.

Play with Dimensions

Breaking up any decor monotony in your home is a great first step when learning how to mix vintage and modern styles. To do this, try playing with various shapes and sizes when adding classic pieces to your otherwise modern space.

Rather than having novels that are all one uniform height on a bookshelf, for example, incorporate decor in various shapes and sizes. Add a vintage paperweight or a classic bookend to keep everything in place. By focusing your sights on unique dimensions, you can bring more balance and dynamism to the look and feel of your home.

Balance Color

Instead of adding arbitrary modern or vintage pieces into your designs, prioritize a smooth and cohesive color theme. This will keep you from purchasing items that clash with the decorative interior of your home and bring an overall sense of balance and unity to the space.

For example, with a modern green leather couch, you might do well to add in a vintage green porcelain vase instead of a more off-colored option. However, it’s vital to avoid getting too “matchy-matchy” as this can wash away your efforts. Instead, intermix classic, bold-colored details with lighter-based hues. This way, your space will promote a more cohesive aesthetic instead of an overwhelming conflict in color and design styles.

Display Vintage Decor on Modern Shelving

Utilizing modern shelving options like sleek, floating shelves or a built-in bookshelf can make incorporating vintage decor a breeze! From showcasing a few original copies of your favorite classic novels or vinyls to displaying that vintage camera you found while thrifting — these pieces can make a huge impact. In short, adding vintage decor to your more contemporary shelves is a simple and effective method of transforming an otherwise modern space.

Avoid Overcrowding

One dilemma you might encounter when mixing styles is the feeling of a cluttered, overwhelming space. In some instances, having a bunch of decorations can help you feel more at home. But unfortunately, doing so may prove more burdensome down the road.

To combat clutter, avoid curating your space with both styles in furniture and decor. Instead, choose one of these options for either category. For example, you can mix vintage furniture and modern decor or modern decor and vintage furniture, but try to refrain from doing both. It can be much easier, and perhaps even more practical, to follow this rule of thumb.

In short, a sprinkle of vintage flavor to an otherwise modern style could allow you to keep that perfect balance in your home. Need more details about Modern and Contemporary styles? We’ve got your back!

Style Vintage Decor Strategically with Modern Furniture

Mixing furniture styles can certainly be done without a clashing effect. Focus on each room within your space separately, and watch as you bring your decor dreams to life! Utilize these tips for mixing furniture and decor styles for different areas in your home.

Living Room

Your living room is where you entertain your guests. Because of this, again, you’ll want to avoid clutter. By introducing a few simple, vintage pieces or ornate fixtures, you can add character to the space while also making a big statement.

Avoid bringing in a bunch of antique knick-knacks, and instead, showcase your vintage, one-of-a-kind items. Place a bold accent piece on your modern fireplace mantel, feature a historic statue in an otherwise modern room, or add vintage-inspired artwork to hang above your sofa or sectional. By being selective and strategic with the added pieces, you can make an impressive statement while also avoiding antique overload.

Breakfast Nook

This space is where you enjoy warm, morning coffees and delicious, hearty breakfasts, so it’s only fitting that you incorporate your two favorite styles within this area as well! Go bold with a small, vintage table or include an antique-inspired rug for the perfect touch of blended style.


Your bedroom is your pleasant escape from the woes of day-to-day life, and you wouldn’t want to introduce a cluttered backdrop to this otherwise peaceful space. Keep things simple by opting for light, modern furniture pieces before adding bold, vintage accents like pillows and throws. This will give your bedroom a clean, modern feel with a light splash of vintage feng shui.


Mixing design styles can sometimes be a tricky task in smaller spaces — especially in a bathroom. When introducing new decor into a more modest area of your home, a great rule of thumb is to focus more on functionality. Think vintage-inspired toilet paper holders or an aged soap dish. These items can both serve their purpose while also adding in just the right amount of vintage flair to your modern bathroom!

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