Old Curio, New Look: What to Put Inside Glass Cabinet

Are you looking to bring some old-fashioned appeal into your interior design? If so, the addition of a glass cabinet will instantly create a retro feel in your home. No matter how new or old your glass cabinet is, these furniture pieces are much more than storage — they’re a nod to nostalgia!

With a unique glass cabinet, making a decorative statement can be easy and affordable. In this article, we’ll show you how with these cabinet display ideas.

Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms often come with a catch-22. These treasured items are often their owner’s most prized possessions; however, they’re usually difficult to store or not meant for daily use.

Glass cabinets are the best way to show appreciation for these valued objects. These pieces of furniture can be home to a host of hand-me-downs, whether they be sets of china, whimsical knick-knacks, rare books — you name it!

Pops of Color

If you plan on putting your glass cabinet in your kitchen, see it as an opportunity to add a pop of color!

Knowing what to put inside kitchen display cabinet is pretty easy; the answer is usually glassware, dishware, and other everyday kitchen items. However, if this is your first time exposing your tried-and-true kitchenware, it might be time for a revamp.

When picking out new kitchen items, stick to one or two specific colors to create a consistent theme. Once stacked and organized, your collection will create a vibrant effect similar to a statement wall! This design choice is all about adding fun visual interest to your kitchen area.

Quirky Curios

What are curios? Good question. Although the word “curio” isn’t heard often these days, curio cabinets were all the rage in decades past.

A curio is a rare or interesting object that garners curiosity. They can be anything from figurines found in a thrift store and eye-catching gemstones to your prized collection of vintage cameras. Value isn’t necessarily the appeal here; collecting curios is more about sparking fascination.

If you’re wondering what to put inside a curio cabinet, know that anything goes! Let your curio cabinet become your unique creation.

Secondhand Books

With the help of a glass display cabinet, you can transform your living room or lounge area into an enchanting library or study. This idea is especially fun if you own rare or antique books that are worth showing off!

Glass cabinet doors add an element of old-fashioned luxury that open cabinets or bookshelves don’t. What’s more, this feature will keep your precious paperbacks and hardcovers protected.

Upgrade Your Home with Stylish Accent Furniture

Now that you’ve gathered plenty of inspiration, it’s time to update your living spaces on a budget. Whether you’re storing heirlooms, dishware, curios, books, or beyond, there’s an affordable option out there that’s ideally suited for your needs. Stop by one of CORT Furniture Outlet’s many locations to find the perfect display cabinet for tying together your space!