It’s Not a Phase! Emo Decor For 2024

Inevitably, the most popular trends of the past will eventually circle back and have another day in the sun. That’s why we’re not surprised that emo fashion and decor have come back.

If you survived the Myspace era, you might feel nostalgic for Warped Tour’s hot summer days and doodling on your shoes with Sharpie drawings. Or, you may just now be discovering it. Either way, welcome to the black parade: here’s how to make your room emo in 2024.

Wait, What Exactly Is Emo?

Emo originally referred to a musical subgenre that emerged from East Coast hardcore in the 1980s. “Emo” is just short for “emotional.” This branch of hardcore featured lyrics that eschewed typical “tough guy” hardcore themes and had a more emotional tilt. The genre evolved throughout the 1990s and 2000s and eventually became what many associate with the word: a whole lifestyle.

Bands like My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and Fall Out Boy dominated. Teens spent hours customizing Myspace pages with black and white checkerboard designs and gifs of their favorite musicians. Swoopy, multicolored hair, skinny jeans, and band t-shirts paired with Converse shoes. Keep reading to see how we recommend updating that vibe for your home in 2024.

The Emo Room Aesthetic and How To Embrace It

Embracing emo in your home comes down to utilizing critical elements of the style. Here are the defining characteristics of a modern emo room:

Pop Culture, Especially Music

Music is the foundation of the emo style. Former emo kids can attest: if you didn’t cover your school notebooks in hand-drawn logos of your favorite bands or obsessively follow the personal lives of their singers, you might get called a poser.

Embracing your favorite pop culture elements, including music and movies, can help bring authenticity to your emo bedroom.

How To Use It in Your Home

Band posters are a classic way to bring your favorite music to your home decor. But as a “real adult,” invest in high-quality prints and framing. Consider a gallery wall of concert posters or movie memorabilia.

Another way to bring music front and center is to turn your sound system into a centerpiece. Do you have an unused room in your home? Make that a listening room. Display your record player on a timeless table and cover the walls with your favorite records. Add a few comfy chairs and invite your friends for an evening of nostalgia.

Black, Grey, and Pops of Color

Of course, the color most associated with emo is black. And for good reason! Many emo songs are about sad topics, and black skinny jeans were a hallmark of fashion. 

But solid black can quickly transform your home from emo to goth (if you know, you know – they’re very distinct styles), so it’s important to bring in shades of grey and bright accent colors. Grey can help lighten up a room, while pops of colors like pink and red can give it some levity. Emo, after all, has a whimsical element to it.

How To Use It in Your Home

Black accent walls are a bold way to bring this look to your home. Go for a completely black home office or one wall in your bedroom. Or, if black walls are a bit too much for you, choose cool greys and opt for black decor, like a black sofa or bedroom furniture.

Then pair these darker colors with bright pops, like pink pillows on a black bed or a red accent chair in your living room.

Plenty of Patterns

An emo room or whole home isn’t just solid black. You can break up those solids with a few patterns, too. Checkerboard, like your old slip-on shoes, is always a safe bet for accents or even tile.

If a checkerboard pattern isn’t your style, consider more pop art and cartoony styles in art. A repeating lightning bolt, flower, or even animal pattern can work. Bonus points if you can find a way to tie it into emo music’s sad and emotional themes, like a broken heart or wilting flower.

How To Use It in Your Home

The best places to embrace patterns are wall art, accents like throw pillows and blankets, and rugs. If you’re feeling particularly bold, consider removable wallpaper in a bathroom. Add texture with velvet, leather, or metallic elements like zippers and metal studs.

And don’t forget the emotional part of emo! That could be a throw pillow with song lyrics, a piece of embroidery with a sappy saying, or even a vast selection of family photos.

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