8 Easy At-Home Date Night Ideas

Whether you’re stuck inside for a rainy day or you simply need to stay in budget, having a date night at home can actually be pretty memorable! Plus, the only thing you need is a little creativity and preparation. Check out this unique list of at-home date night ideas and get ready for a fun night in!

Cook a gourmet dinner together – and eat it by candlelight!

Eating a candlelit dinner together is always a romantic idea, but there is something even more special about that meal when you’ve cooked it together. Pick a recipe that you both love and get cooking! Put on some music, pour a glass (or two) of wine, and enjoy each other’s company while you channel your inner chefs. Turn the lights down low, light a few candles, and turn your dining room table into the most romantic spot in town.

Test your knowledge with a couples quiz.

There are plenty of fun games for couples to play at home, and one of the best is The Newlywed Game! Brainstorm or search for a list of questions and get comfortable with some pens and paper. As you read aloud from the list, jot down the answer you believe your partner would give. Once you’ve gone through the questions, start from the top and share your answers. The person with the most right answers is the winner. Don’t forget to pick a prize before starting!

Have a DIY wine or beer tasting night.

You don’t need to be at a vineyard or brewery to have a tasting! Grab a few different wine bottles or a few intriguing craft beers, and set up an at-home tasting on your counter or pub table. Lay out some of your favorite finger foods – a charcuterie board is perfect for this date – and sip on your samples. Make sure to drink water in between to cleanse your palate!

If you’re not a fan of alcoholic beverages, don’t worry. You can do tastings with anything, like cheese, chocolate, or ice cream. The possibilities are endless.

Go on a romantic picnic in your yard.

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need to make an ordinary meal feel special. Instead of eating at your table or in front of the TV like every other night, dine al fresco! Lay out a quilt (and a few pillows if you really want to make it comfy!) and relax at a picnic dinner in your backyard. Make it even more special by splurging and ordering your favorite takeout dessert.

Unwind together with a cozy movie night, complete with a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar.
Not all home date night ideas require a ton of effort. Some of the most memorable nights happen right on your living room couch! Pick a movie or a TV show, put your phones away, and snuggle up together in front of the television. The more pillows and blankets, the better. And of course, movie nights are always better with sweet treats. Set up a mini sundae bar, or whip up a decadent dessert together to enjoy during the flick!

Let loose at an at-home concert or stand-up show.

Did you know you can find full-length concerts online and a seemingly endless list of comedy specials on streaming platforms? It’s never been easier to get a real date night experience without leaving your house. Pour a few drinks, kick back with your significant other, and make a night of it! Enjoy a musician or artist you both adore, or branch out and discover someone new together!

Recreate your favorite date of the past.

This date night idea requires a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, which is part of what makes it so exciting! Reminisce about your favorite night together thus far, and do your best to recreate it at home. Maybe it was a dreamy dinner at an Italian restaurant, a long night of dancing… or perhaps you’ll need to whip out your old wedding dress! You’ll have a blast bringing that night back to life again while basking in that unforgettable memory.

Do a DIY home project together.

Whether you’ve been thinking about painting your front door, hanging up some floating shelves, or rearranging your bedroom furniture, why not make a date out of it? Put on some music, order a pizza, and get crafty together. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a home makeover, check out these Decorating Ideas for Couples on a Budget.

Whether you’re parents, pinching pennies, or simply happiest in your own space, couples can do endless fun things at home. Get your home date night ready with CORT Furniture Outlet! From living room to bedroom furniture sets, shop CORT Furniture Outlet’s expansive inventory of stylish, comfortable, gently used furniture online. Get ready to snuggle up with your honey on your new-to-you couch!

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