Insomnia Tips: How to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleeping

You get in bed at nine o’clock, only to lie awake until well past midnight. With every minute that passes, your frustration escalates. If you’re one of those who lose sleep over how little sleep you’re going to get, you’re not alone! According to The National Sleep Foundation, over 30% of Americans suffer from sleep disruptions! But you don’t have to settle for a lifetime of tossing and turning. “Cleaning up” your sleep hygiene is a great way to get better rest, and creating a dreamier bedroom can help you achieve this. Here’s how to make your bedroom better for sleeping.

Keep things tidy.

A messy, cluttered bedroom can lead to a messy, cluttered mind. In one study published in WebMD, women who described their homes as cluttered had an increased amount of the stress hormone cortisol compared to women who described their home as tidy and serene. It’s not precisely peaceful to stare at an overflowing laundry hamper and yesterday’s dinner dishes while trying to drift off to sleep. Take a few moments every day to organize your sleeping space, and you’ll feel much more relaxed climbing into bed.

Banish your electronics.

It’s tempting to watch TV until your eyelids get heavy, or scroll through social media as you lie in bed, but electronics might just be the cause for your sleeping woes. When the sun goes down, and the lights are switched off, our brains get a loud and clear message that it’s time for sleep. However, if you’re staring into a bright, glowing screen… well, that message is a bit muddled. One of the simplest ways to improve sleep is by turning off the television, closing your laptop, and stowing away your phone as bedtime approaches. The darker your bedroom, the better!

Invest in a high-quality mattress.

If you’ve ever camped out on an air mattress or sleeping bag, you’re well aware of how crucial a great sleep surface is for getting quality Zzzs. There’s a time and place for skimping on quality, but mattress shopping is not it. After all, the average person spends about 33 years in bed throughout their life, reports HuffPost. A great mattress will provide you with adequate support, pressure relief, and overall comfort – all of which help you sleep soundly. Save your sleep and your wallet with bedroom furniture sets (including gently-used name brand mattresses) from CORT Furniture Outlet — you’ll get high-quality, gently-used, carefully-cleaned bedding for a fraction of the cost.

Try a white noise machine.

White noise machines are a standard fixture in nurseries, and who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby? White noise machines create a soothing sound conducive to sleeping, while also masking disruptive, outside noises. If you find yourself regularly staring at the ceiling at 2 a.m., you know how easy it can be to fixate on the sounds of car horns outside your window or the suddenly obnoxious breathing of your spouse. A white noise machine covers all of this, creating a “sound cocoon” to help you get and stay asleep.

Turn your bedroom into a space you love.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it’s essential that you feel happy and relaxed whenever you’re in there — wondering how to make your bedroom better for sleeping when you’re on a budget? There’s no need to spend a fortune to recreate that dream bedroom you spotted on Pinterest. Browse bedroom sets at CORT Furniture Outlet, to transform a messy room into a cohesive haven at prices that won’t keep you up at night!

Remove your stressors.

It’s not easy to get to sleep when you’re worried about a big meeting the next day, or stressing about an unfinished to-do list. When it comes to the physical reminders of these anxieties, it’s out of sight, out of mind. If possible, move your desk and laptop entirely out of your bedroom. A calendar or to-do list hanging on your wall? Move it into the living room. If you’ve got a half-finished project sitting next to your bed, relocate it somewhere you can’t see. To create a pleasant sleep environment, you need to create a space where you can completely unwind.

Keep things chill.

The only thing worse than tossing and turning all night is tossing, turning, and sweating all night. According to The National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for your bedroom overnight is somewhere around 65 degrees. In fact, some studies even found a link between issues regulating temperature and certain forms of insomnia. If your room gets stuffy at night, improve your sleep hygiene by dressing appropriately and even purchasing a portable fan.

Put your insomnia to rest. Head to your nearest CORT Furniture Outlet to find the right bedroom furniture at the right price. Sleep soundly knowing you bought top quality furniture, without the designer price tag!

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