How to Make a Stylish Pet Bed

When it comes to a cozy place for a peaceful snooze, nothing is too good for your canine companion. Unfortunately, pet furniture isn’t always designed to appeal to your sense of style. Why not come up with your own plan for a DIY dog bed? You can repurpose old furniture and household items to make your own pet bed and save money at the same time. Discover how to make a dog bed that appeases your inner fashionista and wins over Fido at the same time.

Little Red Wagon Doggie Bed

Your children probably demanded a little red wagon at some point, but they eventually outgrew it. Instead of letting this charming vehicle collect dust in the garage, turn it into a creative bed for your other child — the furry one.

To make this DIY large dog bed, remove the wagon wheels and handle. Measure the interior of the wagon, and make or purchase a cushion to fit inside. If you place the wagon bed directly on your floor, apply adhesive furniture felt to the underside to prevent scratches. Although the kiddos no longer need it, this wagon-turned-dog bed can keep your canine snoozing in style for a long time.

Stylish Suitcase Suite

If you’re wondering how to make your own dog bed without breaking the bank, start with an old suitcase. Using a drill or screwdriver, loosen the hinges and remove the suitcase top. Use sewing tape to measure the interior, and fashion a cushion to fit inside using fun fabric — think cartoon dogs, bones, paw prints, and other Bowser-inspired designs. If you wish, add decorative touches like corner legs, a name plate, and a whimsical pom-pom border around the edges.   

TV Console Cave

An old wooden TV console makes a fine case for a fish tank, but it creates an even better doggie cave. Kick this DIY project into gear by removing the guts of the television while leaving the wooden frame intact. For safety purposes, take care not to break the picture tube, and call your local sanitation department for disposal information.

Remove any hardware on the console, and sand and paint it the color of your choice. Reattach the hardware, and measure the interior bottom. Buy a cushion to fit inside, or make your own using fabric with a chevron print, stripes, plaid, polka dots, or another fun design. Inside this doggie sanctuary, your pet can sleep extra soundly.

Converted Whiskey Barrel Bed

Maybe you love the look of a whiskey barrel planter for your interior space, but you don’t have a green thumb. No problem. This rustic container makes a snuggly sleeping space for your favorite pint-sized canine. Use a hand-held jigsaw equipped with a metal blade to cut excess wood from the top of the barrel and to fashion a doggie opening. Sand the edges until smooth, and vacuum up the sawdust. Buy or make a rounded cushion to fit inside, and present your pooch with the prettiest pad in the neighborhood.

Precious Bedside Hideaway

Want your tiny four-legged baby right next to you at night but not drooling on your pillow? Find a nightstand with a large open shelf on the bottom. Place a soft, square cushion inside, and install a spring rod and tiny curtains to keep your doggie’s bed out of sight during the day. This stylish space is perfect for pampered poodles, Pekingese, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire terriers.

Industrial Chic Retreat

If exposed brick, cement floors, and vintage beams appeal to your design aesthetic, an industrial chic dog bed is the right choice for you. Just scour your grandfather’s garage or your city’s secondhand stores for a square or round galvanized tub. Leave it in raw form or paint it, and make or purchase a fluffy cushion to fit inside. Of all the creative dog bed ideas, this is one of the easiest to realize. Your small- to medium-sized dog may just shower you with loads of happy, wet kisses.

Dressed-up Doggie Drawer

An old dresser drawer transforms into an ideal sleeping space for your best furry pal. To fashion a comfy dog bed from a drawer, remove the hardware, and add legs if desired. Then, fill any holes with wood putty, and sand and paint the drawer. Use stencils to personalize the front with your pet’s name and other decorative designs. Line the interior with quilted fabric, and add a comfy pillow for doggie rest at its best.

From big black labs to tiny teacup poodles, every dog deserves a comfy place to sleep. Learn how to make your own pet bed by following this doggone-helpful guide. For the best rest and relaxation in your own sleeping space, check out the great deals on bed frames, mattresses, dressers, and other bedroom furniture at a CORT Clearance Center near you.

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