Shaping the Future of the Shopping Experience

Online shopping has changed the way people buy everything from groceries to automobiles. When it comes to finding great furniture deals, the internet has made it easier to research products, compare the quality of goods, and read reviews from real customers to help with purchasing decisions.

In addition to making furniture shopping more efficient, online shopping has made it more cost effective. Furniture shopping used to require going from one store to the next to compare styles and prices. Today, it’s possible to furnish your entire home without ever entering a showroom.

That’s good news for your wallet as well as for your time-crunched schedule. It allows you to compare prices and features from one store to the next and look for the best bargains around.

Here are four ways to make the most of this approach to shopping.

Time It Right

There’s a season for buying just about everything, and furniture is no exception. If you’re thinking about buying new furniture, then waiting until January or July can pay off for you, as that’s when furniture stores have more sales. That’s because manufacturers roll out their new lines in February and August, and they’re eager to make room for new pieces in the showroom. Watch online for sales, and compare what different stores are offering to make sure you get the best deals.

Keep It Local

Limiting your shopping to stores that are near you may not seem necessary when you’re doing so much online; however, being able to shop locally means you might be able to negotiate a better price because you can drop in and do it in person once you’ve found items you’re interested in buying.

Skip the Name Brands

Big name brands can impress your friends and family, but you can definitely expect to pay a price for those bragging rights. Make sure you’re paying for quality, not for a name. Look for pieces that you like and that you think fit well within your overall design scheme instead of relying on name brands. You can save money and still find the right pieces for your home.

Consider Clearance Furniture

One way to find great bargains is by shopping for clearance furniture. An advantage of buying clearance furniture from a retail store is that it’s usually in good shape, and you might be able to get an entire set of clearance bedroom furniture for the price of a single new piece. Although you might find a great deal at an antique store, garage sale, or flea market, you won’t have the same assurance of quality as when you buy from a retailer.

Many stores have a clearance area. Some pieces may have scratches or dents but are still structurally sound. CORT Clearance Center offers furniture that has been previously rented but is refurbished and rated by CORT’s grading scale. That determines your final price and means you pay prices that are competitive with consignment or used furniture stores for top-quality furniture in great condition.

Before you shop a bedroom clearance sale at a big-box home store, shop CORT Clearance Center and see how you can bring home a brand new look for your bedroom without breaking the bank.

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