4 Convenient Ski and Winter Gear Storage Ideas for the Off-Season

When the frigid temps of winter give way to spring sunshine, it’s time to stop worrying about finding the freshest snow and instead focus on properly storing your gear until next winter. But what can you do with bulky boots and giant snowboards when you’re limited on space? With a little creativity — and the proper storage solutions — you can create a spot that keeps your winter gear out of sight and out of mind till next season.

1. Utilize the space under your bed

If you’re big-time into winter activities, you probably own skis or a snowboard. If that’s the case, you may want to install a vertical or horizontal wall rack for your equipment.

Don’t have enough wall space for a rack? Consider the often-unused space under your bed. Place your skis in a padded ski bag (you can find a similar bag made for snowboards) and place it under your bed for safekeeping. The padding provides a layer of protection for your equipment, should you need to store additional items under the bed.

Bonus tip: don’t make the mistake of storing your gear without properly preparing it. Remember to:

  • Wash your inner layers
  • Wax your planks
  • Store boots laced or buckled to prevent warping

2. Reclaim shelving and hanging space in your closet

The saying goes: you might be wearing 80% of your clothing only about 20% of the time. That’s a lot of great closet space for winter coat storage and other winter outerwear.

Consider divesting yourself of the items no longer pulling their weight in favor of storage space you could use. Donate items in your closet you no longer need or want to local charities — a great way to turn your passion for skiing into a force for good!

Live in a place that’s closet-challenged? Use a coat rack to store off-season clothing.

3. Repurpose storage furniture

You can repurpose filing cabinets and other storage furniture for many things: kitchen carts, garden tool storage, desks, and more. Why not ski equipment storage? Between the goggles, boot liners, gloves, helmets, and more, you likely have plenty of winter gear odds and ends that need a dedicated storage space.

It’s also possible you have a filing cabinet simply gathering dust, or you know of a great place to pick one up well within your budget. Whatever the case, understand that you can draft filing cabinets into duty for WAY more than manila folders.

Bonus tip: Figuring out how to organize ski equipment in the best possible way for your particular space? Pair a drawer cabinet with an inexpensive ski rack mounted on the wall above it. That way, all of your ski equipment is close by, just waiting for the next great snowfall!

4. Consider temperature when storing

Let’s face it: skis are tough. They need to support a user’s weight, handle tricky — and sometimes downright hostile — terrain, and barely flinch at temperatures that would make a Yeti cry. But they’re not invulnerable. So make sure you avoid critical errors that could sap the life out of your skis and related equipment prematurely.

Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and humid environments. It’s great that you have some nice space in the attic, but don’t store your skis there. Also, avoid basements, which tend to be humid. If there’s no alternative, set a dehumidifier nearby. Never store skis directly on concrete floors. Concrete’s porousness makes it a good conduit for moisture. So good, in fact, that it’s bad for skis.

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