Feeling Chilly? How to Stop Cold Drafts for Good!

Do you have a room in your home that often feels a bit chillier than the rest of the house — like a cold breeze just sweeps through every once in a while? If so, you may be dealing with a draft coming through the front door, windows, or even your walls! There’s no reason to have the shivers when you’re hanging out at home. Instead, combat the cold with these easy and affordable tips that don’t require any significant renovations or overhauls.

How to Prevent Drafts in Your Home

Nobody likes feeling cold or uncomfortable in their own space, yet many people deal with major drafts during the winter months. Fortunately, there are plenty of do-it-yourself solutions for preventing drafts in your home. We’ve rounded up the best ways to get rid of drafts from your windows, doors, and more so you can stay nice and cozy on the coldest of days.

How to Prevent Window Drafts

Weatherstrips are an excellent way to seal the windows around your home. Note that there are three types of weather strips to choose from: compression, V-type, and foam. Each style is quick to install but designed a little differently, so you’ll need to select an option that works best for the windows in your home.

And if weatherstrips don’t interest you, you can also apply foam tape, re-caulk old spots, insulate with window film, or hang insulated curtains that’ll retain more heat. No matter which route you take, eliminating drafts is an excellent way to bring down your utility bills while also increasing your home’s value!

How to Prevent Front Door Drafts

If you feel a draft coming through an exterior front door, you can easily install a door sweep to keep this cold air from entering your house. To ensure a secure fit, you’ll need to measure the length of the door when it’s closed and then carefully cut the sweep to the size you need; a front door air blocker that’s too big (or too small) unfortunately won’t be of much help.

Another great option to fix under door drafts is using a door snake. These weighted fabric tubes are placed at the bottom of your door to limit the cold air that can sneak in. A rolled-up towel will usually do the trick, as well, and can save you money in the meantime.

How to Prevent Floorboard Drafts

Did you know worn floorboards can be the reason cold drafts are pouring into your home? One of the quickest ways to stop this cold air from coming through the floor is to position area rugs over unused heating grates or cracks in your floorboards. By throwing a few rugs on these exposed surfaces, you can avoid major heat loss in a snap.

Additionally, consider sealing baseboard drafts with some silicone-based filler. Using this between the gaps in your flooring is a simple solution anyone can implement with a few extra hours over the weekend.

How to Prevent Attic Drafts

To improve your attic’s thermal resistance, you can install insulation to the top of the door and then position weatherstripping along the edges. High R-value insulation is likely available at your local home improvement store and can be stapled directly over the top of your attic’s door. From there, you’ll want to apply self-adhesive weatherstripping to the edges, so it creates a strong, secure hold to keep drafts out for good.

While these tips might require some effort, they can be an economical, DIY job — just be sure to wear a face mask, protective clothing, and a pair of goggles as you go.

How to Prevent Chimney Drafts

One of the most effective ways to prevent cold air from coming through your chimney is to invest in a specialized balloon. Chimney balloons — a.k.a. fireplace plugs or draft stoppers — are a budget-friendly way to reduce drafts when your fireplace isn’t in use. Made from inflatable urethane or cut-to-size foam, these balloons will fit snugly against your chimney damper to stop cold air from entering your house (and warm air from escaping).

Other chimney-related ideas include using a top-sealing damper, installing a fireplace door, or permanently sealing the chimney for a lasting effect.

How to Prevent Vent Drafts

Clothes dryers are connected to ducts that go directly outside our homes, making it all too easy for cold air to get through. To stop this from happening, you can purchase a dryer vent seal to keep the duct closed and limit unwanted drafts whenever the dryer is not in use. This may seem like an inconvenience, but the good news is, you can typically pick one up for under $20.

Bath vents are another sneaky cold air culprit, so check to ensure the vent’s flap is covering this opening. Without that flap in place, you’ll be stuck with a large hole that’s constantly letting winter drafts creep in uninvited.

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